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Published on May 27th, 2019 📆 | 6122 Views ⚑


My Entrepreneurial Journey – Episode 1: Quitting My 6 Figure Cybersecurity Job to Start a Business

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43 Responses to My Entrepreneurial Journey – Episode 1: Quitting My 6 Figure Cybersecurity Job to Start a Business

  1. MainEffort says:

    This is the most authentic and honest approach I have seen in Cyber Security! You will shine!

  2. I'd really like to see a one year update to this video. What you were wrong about, what you were right about etc, things that came up that you hadn't even considered.

  3. Skullovich says:

    Dude u are an inpiration to me, tks for the good work

  4. I don't want to run my own business, but seriously – how do I make 150k/year doing this?

  5. For your credit card is that for retires also? Im retiree and my wifes NG and i havent found anything special that cards give outside of being Active duty (not NG)

  6. I started my own business 3 years ago doing architectural drafting and 3D BIM modeling. Now I'm looking for a career change into IT since I don't feel challenged enough, and there isn't a huge demand for my type of work. I'm just maxed out in my skills and can't really charge more. Just like you, I'm very driven and have done a lot to overcome extreme struggles in my life. My life is so much better today than it was a decade ago. You and I have some similarities, so I'll keep watching you as I pursue my certifications!

    Since I currently make a decent income and am the bread winner of my family, is there another avenue I could take to get work experience without having to take a full-time help desk job and struggle with a huge drop in income? I'd prefer a part-time job, or maybe just focus on programming? Any thoughts? Obviously, I know I'll take a drop in income to switch careers into IT, and then eventually work my way up like you did. I just can't afford to take a job for a fraction of my current income just to start at the bottom.

  7. This is the second video of your I have watched now this evening, and really love your openness. It can't have been an easy decision to leave your previous job to start up on your own, but I really think that along with what you are planning to do with your career moving forward, this Youtube channel will also increase your finances and network reach.

    Great job, and please keep up with the great material here.

    Also, thought I'd check out your site, and was very pleased to see that you have already patched Jetpack to v.7.9.1

  8. Trevor Shi says:

    Wishing you the best with your business bro!!

  9. What business telephone service do you have? if you dont mind me asking. I need to move from my voip service to an answering service.

  10. Luis Mejia says:

    Awesome video and content! Its great seeing your side of this and following your journey with you, best of luck to ya!

  11. bro, how are u making 140k a year but only have 20k in the bank? im sure this spreadsheet is oversimplified tho..
    u probably putting a lot of it in investments or buying a house or SOMETHING
    and u said 'thank you military' for the 4% 22k limit..can u elaborate? is that due to scra?
    anyways, enjoyed the honesty and the content of your videos!

  12. apple rnb says:

    Thanks a lot for this series learned alot THANKS bro so much loved it!

  13. Did you check into an LLC , is that a company structure that would benefit you?

  14. Glad I watched this! Appreciate your transparency and all the sharing you do! Looking forward to seeing the other videos in this series

  15. Wishing you the best with your business bro!!

    I seriously look up to you and I appreciate your authenticity…..

  16. This was an amazing, incredibly honest and well-spoken man. Thank you so much for being so open and honest about your process, I've seen a lot of other people make content like this but they would never go into the hardships of making this decision or talk about the money aspect of the choices you're making. Thanks so much, I really appreciated this video and can't wait to watch the rest of this playlist.

  17. Great to see another brave individual (an another Vet to boot!) that is striking out on their own. I've doubled down on it, though! I've moved to another country (ah, what we do for love!), had to learn another language and adapt to business here. I'll be following your journey and taking some courses with you, so let's see if we can make this work!

  18. Lion says:

    The company you worked for sounded like it was about to go under. Just two people doing all the work? How could they allow you two to move up to management positions when there was no one else to actually do the work around there, they needed to hire and fast… so imo sounds like you jumped off a sinking ship.

  19. Rezmed says:

    you are a respected monsieur

  20. So happy I found this channel. I am previously an accountant as well, but currently have an IT job, and is now two years into Cybersecurity. I will definitely binge on all your content! 😀

  21. R M says:

    Hey man, I have just watched the 1st 5 min of this vlog and I have to say you thanks for your honesty. You seem like such a genuine person and it comes through.
    A breath of much needed fresh air. Great channel by the way.

  22. Man that's a great idea. All the best

  23. Amivit says:

    Thanks for sharing insight into your journey. Love the transparency!

  24. _A_R says:

    Great way to jump out of the air and build your journey on the way down.

  25. Jeff B says:

    What where you working as before your quit your job?

  26. Hopefully you see this but I'm starting out my cyber security career, I was wondering how businesses set their prices? I see alot of cyber companies in England that offer alot of services such as a "risk assessment" or individual pen testing for network etc. How do they price these services? I know it depends of the size of the company but there still must be a methodology behind the pricing structure?

  27. that was of a great help. the business will succeed

  28. It seems you might've hit the perfect combo of having accounting education and security experience, I bet it's great for starting a business in the field. What do you think about the possibility of having an "on the side" pentesting biz? Asking as someone working full time in security as an analyst/red teamer.

  29. Audiphile says:

    Really great content! Have no doubt your business will take off and become everything you want. I'm trying to move more into penetration testing now and I've felt stuck for awhile with some of the learning and certs required. Having a mentor (even a virtual one) has helped motivate me to keep trying.

  30. Thank you for this. The information you provided in this video helped me on so many levels. Again, thank you for your continued contribution to the community.

  31. You're gonna make it big Heath. And it's the right choice you made. I'm positive about that!

  32. hackza says:

    As much as I wish you all the luck and encourage you to have your business, I believe accepting this job offer while working for yourself is the right decision at this stage. Business is awesome but let’s be honest, you never know how long it will take until you can stand strong on your feet. Its a great opportunity so definitely yes, hope you succeed in both.

  33. Ab Man says:

    Wish you all the best, you took the braves way, and It will be shinny soon.

  34. Super dope video. Def sub

  35. Khoa Luong says:

    high-risk high reward bro, good luck.

  36. Julio says:


  37. Interview with Hackersploit when ?
    How much more left ?

  38. Hany Ob says:

    Nice move in early age bro .. i started the same with steps almost ..and as you mention NETWORKING .. what i do extra is bug bounty .. So what i do is PT/BB/Give workshop with some institutes .. Also try any learning plate form like udemy …all the best bro

  39. Eric Hyett says:


  40. L33Tninja says:

    Look into Microsoft bizspark for MSDN free for 3 years, I believe. Mainly for developers but it could be useful to look into.

  41. Awesome bro! Really l will follow you on pen testing! I like the honest for this profession

  42. Very few are like you. Following the passion and leaving all things behind. All the best for your plans. I have a small suggestion … try bootstrap studio for your website design once.

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