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Published on March 9th, 2021 📆 | 7711 Views ⚑


“Nothing” teases the concept design of its first earbuds

Carl Pei’s silent venture “Nothing” is making headlines with its products this week. Nothing unveiled the concept renders of its first earbuds, the Concept 1. It appears to be a transparent design that will be used for all ear accessories aka earbuds throughout the line-up. It is imperative to note that the earbuds displayed in the images are just concept art and not the original design itself. It is the design that will be omnipresent in all Concept 1 earbuds that will release in the future.


Concept 1 is based on three rigid principles, namely weightlessness, effortlessness, and timelessness. It appears a spin on words to me, as it appears there will be a lot of effort to put together such a delicate design. Carl Pei’s brand is putting a lot of effort to be as vague about the products as possible. I highly doubt the product will live up to its hype because the last few iterations of OnePlus products have been equally disappointing as well. Carl Pei might not have had anything to do with the marketing of the last few phones, but it surely was a letdown for many from a trusted brand such as OnePlus.

Carl Pei is not selling the brand short by only naming and releasing orthodox products. He wants to build an ecosystem of Nothing products, powered by IoT of course, that builds usable products under one roof. Much similar to the Apple ecosystem, which has its own stand-out features and flaws. The accessories will be the first phase of the ecosystem that will slowly branch out to other daily use IT products such as smartphones, laptops, voice assistants, nothing of which is confirmed as of yet.


Nothing, as the name illustrates, will be a brand away from the marketing shenanigans that other brands adopt. It will be a simple, sober, non-flashy, and usable product smeared with the top-notch build quality. I do hope that they live up to the promise and the hype that Carl Pei and his PR team have been building for months. The concept renders showcase a transparent shell of the earbud with a visible graphene diaphragm and a capsule-like microphone which is transparent too. The audio fidelity is yet to be determined and the first product will be released somewhere around the summer. Do share your thoughts about the brand Nothing and if it appears sketchy and meaningless to you?

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