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NSA Certifies Engage Combat Aircraft Training Encryptor

Cubic Global Defense has received certification from the U.S. National Security Agency for its Engage KOV-135 air combat training system miniature encryptor, which means it can now be requested by international customers.

This follows the granting of an interim approval to operate, under which the system secured classified data during the Secure Live, Virtual, and Constructive Advanced Training Environment-Advanced Technology Demonstration (SLATE-ATD), a 40-month effort that concluded in September that used U.S. Air Force F-15Es and U.S. Navy F/A-18/Fs; F-16 and F/A-18 simulators; and constructive computer-generated elements.

The Engage KOV-135 protects classified data throughout this type of training, and during SLATE-ATD it demonstrated multiple independent levels of security in this live constructive virtual training environment. Cubic said that the small size, low power consumption, and high speed of the system enables its use on fighters for the testing, for which they were embedded in modified P5 combat training systems/tactical combat training system pods.

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