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Published on August 19th, 2020 📆 | 5136 Views ⚑


OPPO Announces New Generation Of Hybrid Periscope Zoom Technology

Two days ago, OPPO in an official announcement, unveiled its next-gen periscope zoom module. Notably, the company aims to use this periscope technology to improve image quality while zooming.

The Chinese OEM is making use of a large size sensor and other advanced image learning algorithms to provide better and all-focus image experience during long focal length shooting.

This new OPPO periscope camera module will help get better zoom and bring noticeable improvements in image quality. This will be achieved using the stacked zoom lens structure of the periscope module.

However, as of now, only the module has been unveiled. But we expect OPPO to implement this periscope zoom technology soon on one of its future phones.

This stacked OPPO periscope zoom module ensures technical reliability and clear image

Well, we already have the likes of Samsung, Huawei doing their best with the space zoom or ultra-zoom technology. Apparently, the image quality while zooming, on devices from these brands suffers a lot.

Yes, it is a bit difficult to get the ultimate picture quality while zooming, let’s say over 50x, as of now. Probably the image quality is retained till we go up to 10x or max 20X on already existing sensors. But this new OPPO technology promises to improve the image quality when zooming all in.

Talking about the new periscope zoom lens, OPPO used a 7-elements lens for this new zoom camera module. These lenses are stacked in a group of three. Moreover, they will work in tandem to adjust the focus and provide optimum image quality while zooming.

This OPPO periscope zoom module will have a focal length of 85 mm to 135 mm. The variable aperture starts at f/3.3 and ends at f/4.4 on max zoom.

Besides, this large sensor makes use of “Fusion multifocal image fusion technology, a multi-shot field of view angle alignment technology and super-division algorithm, etc. All this is done to achieve a focal length of 85mm to 280mm.”

A new 16-bit high-precision driver is also incorporated to produce optimum results

Apart from all the modules, OPPO will also incorporate a high-precision 16-bit IC driver which is developed on the need for step-zoom. Notably, this will help improve the zooming functionalities, including autofocus and optical image stabilization.

In the official post, OPPO also shared some images taken with this new camera system. The images shown vary from the focal length and show the brilliant performance of the module at wide-angle, at 85mm equivalent, and at 135mm equivalent focal length.

Moreover, this new OPPO periscope camera system uses a 16:11 wide-ratio large-size image sensor. This produces a maximum output of approximately 32 million pixels and uses 4 into 1 pixel binning technology.

The post also compares the old 85mm and 135mm focal lengths with this new technology 85mm and 135 mm focal length. For a detailed comparison, you can head over here.

oppo next gen periscope module
Sample images from OPPO’s next-gen periscope zoom camera module

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