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Published on February 28th, 2021 📆 | 7627 Views ⚑


Oppo unveils new rollable display phone at MWC21

Oppo recently presented a lot of concepts at this year’s MWC21. While the entire line-up was impressive, two concepts stood out among them. The first was the rollable concept phone and the second one was the wireless charging on the rollable concept phone. Code named Oppo X 2021, the rollable phone features a retractable display that can expand to give a lot of screen space for the users. It appears to be better than the LG phone, I saw a few months back at their global digital conference.


Up to this point, no one except LG was courageous enough to even announce a phone with an extendable display. Giving the users a tiny and a big display, in a single phone is not an easy feat but Oppo has solved the problem in a different way and even made a descriptive presentation about it. To achieve a rollable display, the chassis houses two motors that can help in both expanding and contracting the display. On top of the motorized contraption, rests a patented 2in1 plate technology. The plate bears all the pressure that is applied on the extended part of the display. Once the screen is retracted, the plates become one and provide increased rigidity to the display.

The concept phone uses a central axis that allows the expansion and contraction to happen in a straight line. The axis is seemingly thin at 6.8 mm, but definitely beefy if you consider a smartphone. Although I would not fiddle too much on the thickness as the axis has to account for both the thickness and the thinness of the display. The phone uses a sliding frame and the axis to prevent the display from falling off the edges and ensures that it goes back inside the chassis in one piece. It appears as an engineering marvel to use a paper-like steel frame and still provides added rigidity to the display. I did not expect the phone to use an OLED display for a rollable phone but it seems you will get the quality aspect ratio and resolution with the phone.

Wireless Air Charging
The second presentation features the same rollable concept phone that is placed on a square-shaped flat base charger. As the phone is lifted away from the base, the phone continues to charge without any interruption. The video does not utter a word about the technology or the features of wireless Air charging. It only showcases the phone and its ability to charge using the new charger.

So what is the takeaway from these videos?
The concept phone with the rollable display appears to be a definite possibility as they have built the tech behind it. Now bringing it up to large-scale manufacturing is another major hurdle. One peculiar thing that I noticed is that the video did not have any instance of the user interacting with the extended part of the display. I hope that it is not a gimmick when the phone actually ships out. Moreover, the thickness of the phone is useful for one more thing, fitting the tiny antennas that facilitate wireless Air charging. As evident from the Xiaomi air charging teaser, the phones that will actually utilize the air charging feature do not exist at the moment. Since the concept phone charges using the wireless Air charging technique, it is safe to assume that the antennas are present on the sides of the chassis.


One more thing that will definitely blow your mind is the pricing of the rollable display phone. Foldable phones cost well over 2000 USD as of now, so don’t expect the rollable display phone to cost anything less than twice. Also, the release date is not hinted at by Oppo, so there is no assurance of the concept materializing anytime soon. Xiaomi and Oppo displayed their wireless charging tech this year, with even Motorola jumping into the picture. Let’s see when Apple does it. Do tell your views about the rollable display phone by Oppo and whether you would buy it or not?

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