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Oxygen OS 11 is now available for OnePlus Nord

Oxygen OS 11 has arrived on the OnePlus Nord after a few hiccups and a slightly longer beta phase. The Oxygen OS 11 update brings the latest Android 11 to OnePlus Nord, making it among the handful of devices to have it. A handful of devices because OnePlus Nord isn’t a flagship like the rest of the smartphones from OnePlus. OnePlus Nord was released to target the budget consumers and to reclaim the market share from Oppo and Realme. It was the only device in the mid-range tier to use a 5G processor and an AMOLED display under the 400 USD price point. There are a few changes sprinkled here and there in the new update that I’ll elaborate on for you.


Android OS update– The Oxygen OS 11 brings along Android 11 for the OnePlus Nord with a January 2021 security patch, which is slightly outdated as it is March now.

Always-on display– It would be ludicrous to not leverage an AMOLED display to its full potential. The OnePlus Nord has a punch hole camera and does not have any notification LED on the display. To alleviate this problem, Oxygen OS 11 comes with a Horizon Light feature. It simply glows the edges of your OnePlus Nord, every time a notification pops up. The animation options are pretty simple but you do get a lot of colors to choose from. The Always-on display also brings a new set of lock screen designs that display the clock and date in a variety of formats. A Canvas always-on display feature is present that simply sketches an outline of your existing images on the display.

It is done to personalize your OnePlus Nord down to the bone and differentiate between your phone and other OnePlus Nord. The OS also presents an option to tweak and schedule the dark mode directly in the notification area. It is imperative to note that MIUI 12 from Xiaomi delivered these features almost a year ago and that too on most of its devices. The Canvas feature is new but other than that all major changes seem minor in comparison.

UI changes- A new power menu design pops up when you try to shut or reboot the device. The music player notification is also improved and displays a lot more detail than its previous version. The animations have improved but not to the extent that it revolutionizes the experience. The weather application receives some new features and widget designs. The focus of the Oxygen OS 11 is heavily inclined to increasing usability. The one-handed mode is kept in mind while designing most applications. If you open the default OnePlus dialer, you will see that the dial pad has been shrunk to provide better reachability from both ends.


Similarly, the gallery application receives a few tweaks as well, including a story option like Google photos and the improved one-handed accessibility. OnePlus claims to have improved the loading times of the media in the gallery application but it is not that big of a change to percolate on.

Camera– The camera application build is upgraded to version 6.4.23 and brings new icons and settings to the application. A high-efficiency video feature is available that can shirk your video sizes to consume less space than usual. It will deteriorate the quality slightly but save you some of that critical space. A new camera shutter icon along with the option to toggle between 48-megapixel images is now present in the application. You can directly share the recently captured media using the third-party applications by long pressing on the left side of the shutter. The camera application now supports video capture using the shutter button by long-pressing it. Rather than adjust the zoom on a slider users can drag left or right of the shutter button for zooming in and out.

Miscellaneous– The BlueTooth disconnection issue is fixed with the stable Oxygen OS 11 update and now the OnePlus earbuds do not disconnect abruptly. Also, the Canvas feature can pull the sketch from any photo of your choice rather than just the background image on your OnePlus Nord.

The OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 11 update is 2.77GB in size. Downloading the update is recommended on a WiFi connection for better stability and low failure rates. The manufacturer also advises users to keep the battery percentage to the north of 30 percent before installing the update. Minor flashes and reboots are normal while installing the update.

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