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Videos Packet Squirrel - Hacking Tool - Overview

Published on October 22nd, 2017 📆 | 3310 Views ⚑


Packet Squirrel – Hacking Tool – Overview

MalDuino! Learn More Here:

Get a packet squirrel here:

The packet squirrel is a nifty device which has a multitude of purposes. This video is intended to promote it’s use as an ethical hacking and hobbyist tool. I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY MALICIOUS USE OF THE INFORMATION PERTAINED IN THIS VIDEO.

The packet squirrel was sent to me by hak5 with no expectation of any review, video, or promotion. I didn’t know I was getting one, until I received it in the mail 🙂

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42 Responses to Packet Squirrel – Hacking Tool – Overview

  1. watching a seytonic video

  2. Will it be caught by NIDS ? Like sniffing attacks are caught by IDS?

  3. This device use https packet decrepit ? Any other way

  4. meir says:

    How about capturing https packets? Is it possible?

  5. They should have included a sticker or something to put over the packet squirrel label…
    not if somebody (read: SysOps that, for some reasing sees is) is like: "hey, what is this device?" and slaps it into Google, he/she knows what is going on.

  6. Well I just been playing around with it and all I can say is rubbish to be honest.

  7. One think I did want to know if I used open vpn, is it as secure as a paid for vpn? I use pia aka paid service, but want to know any free ones just as good.

  8. I will let u know, do own one, but yet to test it. I had mine bought for me, as I have a cool girlfriend that know how much I love pentrsting, and she kind bought me one.

  9. ryx says:

    Hey, what do you study?

  10. You should do some hacking with openwrt

  11. Could you by any chance show us how to enable "twin duck" with the arduino pro micro and microsd breakout board?

  12. Тимур says:

    Прикольно,правда ни чего не понятно 🙂

  13. yippiez says:

    Hey can you do tutorial on pro micro stealing password that is on your website i tried t couldnt get it to work

  14. If using this to intercept a Pc's traffic, you can just connect to Pc's usb

  15. Where did you get the blue cover for your desk? Could someone link me the product?

  16. Gohsti says:

    Can you pls do a vidio how to crack on raspberry pi 2 ore 3 ore can i use the same software from the pi zero.

  17. _FordNoX_ says:

    We are waiting for DIY this shit!

  18. Eton near Maidenhead? o_0

  19. Can u Put it Between a router and a switch or a victim and then put a Payload that spread the payload all over the Switch or To the victim

    Sorry for my English 🙁

  20. Fried Owl says:

    I'd be interested to see you build a DIY Packet Squirrel of your own!

  21. they should remove the NSA backdoor from their hardware and it would be faster 😀

  22. Gabriel says:

    Holy shit your college internet is fucking crazy!

  23. Hi, what do you think about this video ? Fake? Whether you access this script? I hope for your answer, waiting.

  24. Talk about Yagi or cAntenna pls!!

  25. A diy version of this would be great

  26. VoidMoth says:

    no PoE… into trash it goes

  27. Kim says:

    665Mbps download??? I get 16!

  28. Now give us 5$ Packet Squirrel!

  29. kuba says:

    Next vid …. 5$ squirrel

  30. His slow speed is better than the majority of connections on the entire Australian continent.

  31. Space says:

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too expensive

  32. Interesting. A little disappointed that you didn't show a teardown of the board inside.

  33. LEO C says:

    Crank the volume on these videos

  34. CRUCIAL says:

    You have the best wifi i have ever seen!!!

  35. Came for the puns. Was nut disappointed.

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