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Published on August 2nd, 2019 📆 | 6409 Views ⚑


Parrot Security Linux Anon Surf Mode Using TOR

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33 Responses to Parrot Security Linux Anon Surf Mode Using TOR

  1. Always had the problem of my vpn overwriting the tor connection (proxychains, etc;), glad to see it didn’t happen with anonsurf

  2. GeedieZ says:

    Care to elaborate a little about those profiles in ff?

  3. Rarzwon says:

    I've heard of Parrot OS before but had no idea it had a program like this – definitely have to check it out now
    Thanks for the video!

  4. Why is Ruski everyone's favorite?

  5. SKYBIRD TV says:

    I dont what to say but thank you

  6. So after anon surf . Do i open tor browser? Will it make slower ?

  7. can you run anonsurf for kali linux?

  8. ali omar says:

    Hello friend thank you for ypou explainping but can you plase explaun whole Tool in parrot and pentration testing .would it better to make it on other platform to keep it from youtube remoing thanks

  9. rfrancoi says:

    Awesome video, thank you Sir.

  10. About the likes on your videos. I really don't mind. In fact, I really like the reminder. I wish there was a button to like all of your videos. Always great information!!

  11. H G says:

    You gave me a boost, refreshed my mind. Thank you

  12. Ryan D says:

    You can also use proxychains and tor, also dnsleaktest to see if your leaking DNS

  13. Ryan D says:

    Laurence head on over to to advance your skill

  14. Bryan says:

    a Tor WIthin A Tor Within a Tor within a Tor

  15. Bryan says:

    Have it on Script to Change IDs every 10mins ?

  16. It's good to see someone your age still enthusiastic about things such as the TOR network!

  17. What are you using to edit in Linux?

  18. I wouldn't use a whole tor wrapper on a system I use daily, simply because I may also wrap services that could link me back to my original IP, like a Dropbox sync.

  19. Didn't TOR turn over the real IP address of the Capitol One hacker?

  20. Richard says:

    Like button is chosen, thy for the reminder!

  21. Hi Lawrence. Can you do a video on setting up DNS over TLS on an edge router?

  22. boilerplate: i'm not interested in committing any illegal activity nor do I condone any illegal activity, but for my own curiosity sake, and to keep privacy private from everyone, if one were to want security that would be enough to leave no footprints capable of de-anonymizing someone if someone were to want to do something that governments didn't appreciate, would you say that tor over a for-pay vpn service would be good enough? I've heard of some pretty bad people being caught while using TOR so I was under the impression that it wasn't as secure as originally thought, does anyone have any opinions on that? – I sort of devalued it as a privacy platform when the people doing illigal things with it started to get caught as a good indicator for it's lack of security.

  23. What about a VPN'd host OS running a Parrot OS VM that is also VPN'd and running Anon Surf, would that add any additional anonymity? Also, surely such a setup provides a greater attack surface?

  24. Agdkk says:

    12:18 Tom.exe stopped responding

  25. Informative video about parrot security on Linux

  26. Diavuno says:

    I'm like #128…. I LOL'd

  27. Gday I saw it has a docker file for PSL. Does Docker allow you to run a gui OS or do you have to VNC/RDP into it

  28. Gday LS, in July-Aug 2019, whats a great "free" / Freeware / Open source clone software to backup a 16 or 32 gig partition , compress it and save it as a single file to backup to USB stick
    besides Clonezilla

  29. Wow you pop up with my question I was wondering

  30. Please consider uploading / mirroring this to BITCHUTE –

  31. Never cheesy, always informative and engaging. 👍

  32. Bill Fisk says:

    For a dummy, when you're changing ID's is this making your traffic jump around the world like on the movies where they're trying to track your connection and it's jumping around? Thanks

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