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News Patients at PCHC possibly targeted in data breach

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Patients at PCHC possibly targeted in data breach

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Local patients may have been targeted in a security breach at a collection agency hired by Penobscot Community Health Care in Bangor.

“Identity theft is the most occurring crime in the United States right now.”

Dates of birth, medical information, and credit card statements might have been stolen.

“The privacy and security of patient information is our top priority for PCHC.”

The collection agency said between August and March, an unauthorized person may have had acess to AMCA’s systems.

We talked with a Legal Studies Professor at Husson University who gives advice on how to respond if your data has been compromised.

“The way to assess your vulnerability is to contact your credit card company and look for activity on your account. I would strongly suggest anybody who is sure that their identity has been stolen should hire a lawyer.”

He also says staying on top of your accounts can help prevent identity theft in the future.

“A person’s identity can be stolen and be used a number of times before the person becomes aware of it.”

PCHC mailed a letter to patients Friday that included a number to call with questions.

“It’s just really important that patients take advantage of the services being offered and that they call the number and that they understand this was not something that occurred on PCHC systems. We have a really strong, robust security program at PCHC for data security.”

PCHC has stopped doing business with the collection agency.

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