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Published on February 24th, 2021 📆 | 1846 Views ⚑


PlayStation exclusives: Heading to PC?

The PlayStation head, Jim Ryan disclosed a lot of good news for the current owners of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with new game arrivals, PlayStation free titles, the port of exclusive PS titles to the PC. I’m sure the last one will baffle PlayStation users and the only way a gamer buys a PS console is for a distinct experience that PC and other consoles do not offer. That includes the exclusive titles, which are a lot in number for the PlayStation. I cannot imagine anyone choosing a PlayStation or an Xbox without exclusives because the non-exclusive games are costlier for the consoles.


So Jim Ryan had an interview with GQ that revealed the future plans of PlayStation and its community. The first major surprise was giving out Ratchet and Clank free of cost to the PS5 users as the part of State of Play concept. A three-month trial to anime subscription service Funimation is also bundled for the PlayStation 5 users with a bunch of indie games. All this is a piece of minor news, compared to the thought of releasing the PlayStation exclusives for PC.

Jim Ryan assured that they analyzed the situation in two ways. When they released Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC, they wanted to see the initial inclination of purchasing the game. It superseded their expectations and is a promising endeavor that will end up rewarding the developers. The second is the fact that how many PlayStation users were dissatisfied with the PC gamers getting a PlayStation exclusive for the platform. The data showcased that most users didn’t mind the idea and showed no backlash against it.

While Jim Ryan may be building his own bubbles in the mind, I, as a console owner feel baffled by the strategy. Why would someone go for a console especially when they are in such short supply and offer average graphical output that what a high-tier PC with an NVIDIA RTX or AMD RX GPU can offer? The answer to that lies in the strategy of slowly building an ecosystem where maybe games become platform-independent. The issue needs too much time to percolate in and I don’t think it will affect the decisions of PlayStation.

Jim Ryan also added that the exclusive titles required a huge investment in building a story and characters for a game that becomes popular with the users. Uncharted and God of War, are the two franchises that are an example of the immense appreciation that gamers have for story-driven games. Binding them to the console restricts its chances of garnering a large player base and revenue generation. I appreciate the intent of maximizing the revenue to help empower the studio and its employees, but it defeats the purpose of owning a console. Days Gone is the sixth PlayStation exclusives to head to the PC, after the port of major titles like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn.


The only visible advantage that I see if owning a console now is to get the exclusives early. I do not see any other exciting feature in porting the game to the PC. If they wanted to do so, maybe they could launch it at the same time so the story and experience are not ruined by the internet community with spoilers and plot reveals. All in all, it is good and bad news for me and many other PlayStation 5 owners. Do tell your thoughts on the new development regarding the PS exclusives heading to PC in the comments.

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