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Published on June 15th, 2019 📆 | 1710 Views ⚑


Portable Air Conditioners – Why you shouldn't like them

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Oh no. It’s a new version of a well-established product that trades efficiency for convenience. But this time, it’s more than just being cool. It’s about cooling.

Seriously, either we need to get more awareness of how dumb single-hose portable A/C units are, or we need to just use window units whenever possible. While I know that there are times a portable unit is the only option (remember, I’m in that boat), it seems that only very high capacity, premium machines have the facility to use two hoses. Which is frankly stupid but then again that’s what I’m trying to tell you now.

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38 Responses to Portable Air Conditioners – Why you shouldn't like them

  1. This vid really seems pointless

  2. Yeah they suck. They're also the only option for people who are renting and financially strapped.

  3. Very poor demonstration and took very very long to come to the point 👎👎

  4. Mit Twit ! says:

    When these first came out I was excited Until I saw they are not that portable .
    you still need an Open window to vent it .
    plus now you Don't have an air conditioner blocking the open window .
    Lets make it easier for a thief to get in .
    the $400 price tag for a unit that doesn't work all that well .

  5. My single hose 12000btu portable AC cools my room from 105 to 85 in humid climate. So…yeah…I like it.
    Use a AC unit based on your needs.

  6. I have a dual-hose Whynter and a single hose DeLonghi, and know all this firsthand. A $275 Frigidaire 10k BTU window-unit will seriously outperform a $550 "12,000 btu" Whynter portable.
    What's annoying (and why I have two portables in the first place) is the CRAZY prices of casement-specific window A/C units (My house has ALL casement windows). What the heck's up with paying double or more, for the same BTUs?

  7. Or, just create a hose with a divisor that can both suck in and blow out outside air. Might be a bigger hose, but at least you still get a part of the mobility without loosing that much of the efficiency.

  8. Pyroslav x says:

    Insulate the hose. With ANYTHING handy.

  9. A lot of households live in flats where window units are not allowed. Guess what? It still gets hot in the summer, so they need something. Portable unit are an alternative to nothing. Do a video for those of us that don't have a choice but aren't looking to melt in the summer

  10. Sysshad says:

    extremely well explained. thank you 👍

  11. They truly do. I had a 1200 btu lg. Paid over $400 for it. I gave it away.

  12. Mikequfv says:

    What do you think about wall mounted split air conditioners. I use them and it's great

  13. You do need to use duct tape to seal the hose that connects to the unit better. Also buy some long hose and a clamp to drain the tank to the outside. After that it's a very good unit. The one I have is the delonghi penguino that is an A/C, heater, dehumidifier and air filter. It has been very quite and efficient. But it did cost 3 times more than a window unit.

  14. Watching this as I unbox my portable. Oof, self esteem dutifully dialed down.
    But this video educated me, so thank you. We have casement crank-out windows, so window units not practical (& still the installation will be … entertaining.)

  15. T Williams says:

    So it's ok for me to just use it as a cooling fan on the porch.

  16. Too talky to watch but I bought a portable because I had no other option. they suck. I haven't gotten my electric bill yet but they do not cool the room down. they just blow cool air. It is 105 today so it does help but not like a real a/c unit.

  17. For me these indoor units are the best choice. I live in a cool country where it gets hot only a few days each year. I turn it on a few hours in the evenings to cool down my bedroom.
    I might buy a split system to run in reverse in the wintertime though.

  18. techno156 says:

    I'm curious about whether there would be that much of a size limitation with two hoses. While slightly less efficient, it seems like it would be pretty simple to have two separate hoses run inside a single larger hose, and both vent and intake outside air, although you might lose performance from the reduced airflow from a smaller condenser cooling hose, compared to what you could get with one big one.

  19. you didnt mention the condensate drain pan which should be regularly emptied….

  20. Why using air conditioning? Just take a hot shower and accept the heat.

  21. I use a portable ac in summer months. When I come home from outside, I turn it on for 5-10 minutes to chill myself. Then I switch it to fan mode and keep them on. I also use them while I'm sleeping in order not to get sweaty on the bed. Works good enough for small rooms though

  22. Mini split DIY units are great if you take the extra step to re-flare the line set before you install it because these line sets are not flared properly

  23. My dad finally got a AC…after I moved out no less lol…but it was a floor unit. I told him I would help him mount a through the wall unit but he refused. He went through 3 floor units because they all had leaks and stopped working. Even the one he's had for a few years is okay, its clearly not as efficient. I opted to cut a hole in the wall and mount the AC for my house…its quiet and works great. Just need the one to cool the 1200 square foot first floor. Barely costs anything to run to lol.

  24. I've just watched your video on electric space heaters. In terms of efficiency (but not, well, almost every other convenience) using window AC units is an excellent way of heating during the winter months. Turn the window AC unit around so the cold bit is pointing outside and the hot (and noisy) bit is inside the room. Like a cheap heat pump you will extract heat from the outside and transfer it in to the inside. You have all sorts of issues – freezing outside, condensation on the inside but even with freezing temperatures outside you will get more heat energy into the house than electrical energy coming from the wall socket.

  25. N G says:

    How does this apply to the unit that use water to cool and doesn't have a hose to go outside tho !?!???!

  26. slg407 says:

    seems like a peltier device with extra steps

  27. herpderp says:

    In Europe, I only see 1 type of BTU listed. Does anyone know if this BTU is already accounting for the loss of efficiency due to being a mobile unit?

  28. kucheriya1 says:

    Concept of cooling entire room or building so that we are comfortable is probably worst idea after driving 2000kg vehicle to transport one person.

    I really wish we could come up with some kind of body suit like that of astronaut, so that we can only cool our immediate space and be comfortable.

    In aquaman, bubble amber creates is what we need.

  29. I get it, but when my AC died in Arizona I have been living off our portable AC unit and it has been a god send.

  30. you just saved me from buying a portable ac

  31. Great information and well presented. I'm glad you stumbled into my feed!

  32. James4wd says:

    I have both. I use the window units for my house. I use the portable for my workshop and also when I go camping I use it in my tent or enclosed trailer. Camping in Texas sucks without A/C.

  33. we are all here today to hear about air conditioners

  34. Why would you want portable ones if your home?

  35. they are absolute GARBAGE

  36. portable AC units are absolute SHIT!!!

  37. Sterlin876 says:

    I did a full duct system with my portable air conditioner. I put the AC in the attic and ran ducting and cut holes in my ceiling to put vents in. Routed the houses to each room and extended the ir and temperature sensors for remote and "thermostat" settings and I have a "central air system". Took a day to do but it was worth it.

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