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Profiles in Leadership: Jack Leidecker, Gong

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Former Pen Tester Remains Close to Tech Community, Tools

Tom Field (SecurityEditor) •
March 15, 2021    

Jack Leidecker, Chief Information Security Officer,

He started his cybersecurity career as a pen tester. As a result, Gong CISO Jack Leidecker retains an affinity for the tech community and emerging tools. He shares insight on this passion and his drive to ensure security’s role in business enablement.See Also: Top 50 Security Threats

In this video interview with ISMG, as part of the CyberEdBoard’s ongoing Profiles in Leadership series, Leidecker discusses:

His path to becoming a CISO;
How he remains close to technology;
What happens when security falls short of enabling the business.

At Gong, Leidecker is responsible for all things related to security and compliance. He has over 20 years of experience in this area, having built global information security teams and programs at several large international organizations. He believes in trying to help expand diversity in security with the Hispanic community, being a former intern with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and the son of an immigrant from Honduras. Jack started in security doing penetration testing and remediation in the late ’90s and moved into building security teams to be able to respond better to threats. Prior to joining the Gong, he rebuilt the security engineering and operations functions for Teradata. He was also the first vice president of information security for Digital Realty Trust, building the security program for the largest data center provider. Before that, he held multiple positions building security and compliance programs across technology and financial verticals.

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