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PS5 matte Black faceplate from dbrand

You must have come across the name dbrand while watching a lot of creators on the internet. It is a tech customization company that makes aesthetically lucrative cases, skins, plates, and screen protectors for the latest and greatest portable tech. That includes a long list of Apple, Samsung, One Plus, laptop brands, console brands, etc to name a few. I have tried out a dbrand case in the past and it does the job pretty well for the price. Although the excessive customization of gadgets is not a thing for me, it seems to be appreciated by gadget owners across the globe.


If you own a PS5 currently, which I’m sure you don’t, dbrand now offers attachable faceplates that come in a Matte Black color. Many users hated the ginormous size of the PS5 and the monstrous design that accompanies it. The incorporation of a white on black screen makes the PS5 susceptible to finger smudges, dirt, and yellow hue after prolonged usage. The faceplates are easily removable on the PS5 and can be swapped with the dbrand alternative in an instant. Dbrand also offers the skins for the PS5 center module that uses a glossy finish and is equally good at retaining finger smudges.

Why is it in the news?

Dbrand makes skins and cases, no harm in that. But PS5 has actively blocked many attempts to release any modification accessory that revamp its original white on black color scheme. Two companies were sued by Sony for selling customizability accessory add-ons for the PS5. I see no harm in why the brand wants to obstruct the sale of a modification accessory that doesn’t trouble its sales. No one would be foolish enough to order a set of faceplates by dbrand before ordering the PS5.


Maybe Sony wants to release a proprietary lineup of customizable PS5 themselves and is thinning out the competition before they do so. Whatever may be the idea behind the move, dbrand doesn’t seem to entertain the idea of not customizing a gadget. It brazenly displays the faceplates on its website followed by the slogan “Go ahead, sue us”. A rather interesting way to advertise an accessory but I think it is a much-needed move as the big brands try to sideline emerging business in every possible way. They even use goth style PlayStation icons that are inspired by the original ones.

The bold statement does instill confidence in other emerging businesses that want to face the competitors head-on. The faceplates or rather blackplates, as dbrand calls them, are nowhere cheap for a modification accessory. A pair of blackplates will cost you a hefty sum of 49 USD. Not cheap at all, and if you add the middle skin, it totals up to 61 USD. There are two more skins available for the middle section apart from the matte black, namely a yellow and white one with snazzy names.


The disc edition faceplates are available now for pre-order, but there is a catch. The three drops until May are sold out completely. There is only a single slot for May month available as of writing the article. Also, the digital edition faceplates are not yet available on the dbrand website. You can only buy the skins for the digital edition of PS5 as the dimensions of the middle area remain the same,

No matter what edition of PS5 you have. You can still use the faceplates of the PS5 on the PS5 digital edition with the only difference being that it would introduce a hump on your sleek PS5. There is a planned fifth wave for the PS5 faceplates but the date still remains confidential to dbrand. You can hop on to the dbrand website for a pair of blackplates before they completely sell out and vanish from the inventory.

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