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Published on August 6th, 2020 📆 | 8081 Views ⚑


Punishing Cybersecurity Errors Found to be Counterproductive

Read why James Coker says that punishing employees for cybersecurity errors can be counterproductive on Infosec Magazine:

Over four in 10 (42%) organizations take disciplinary action against employees who make cybersecurity errors, which puts them at greater risk of attack, according to a new study by CybSafe. In a survey of UK businesses, it was found that mistakes such as falling for simulated phishing scams are regularly punished. This includes naming and shaming employees (15%), decreasing access privileges (33%) and locking computers until appropriate training has been completed (17%). Additionally, 63% of organizations will inform the employees’ line manager when cyber-mistakes are made.

Read his full article here.

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