April 23, 2021

25 thoughts on “Ransomware tips and tricks How to decrypt your files without paying the bad guys

  1. I have a lot encrypted files what should I do and every time I get this
    "Request Entity Too Large

    The requested resource


    does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit."

  2. I Just got infect by the .pezi ransomware on laptop which quickly spread to my network server, now all my important backup is also infected.

    So far as I understand pezi has 2 type one is pre August 2019 which is stores rsa keys local and new one which I have stores remotely somewhere on the net.

    I have no idea if someone or security tech company is interested breaking their codes, as I will not incentivise these criminals with money, but I do need it it decrypting as some of the videos & pictures are precious memories of people past away.

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