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Published on November 25th, 2019 📆 | 4349 Views ⚑


Recon-ng V5 – Generating Reports

Hey guys! in this video series we will be taking a look at the updated version of Recon-ng V5. Recon-ng is a full-featured reconnaissance framework designed with the goal of providing a powerful environment to conduct open-source web-based reconnaissance quickly and thoroughly.

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12 Responses to Recon-ng V5 – Generating Reports

  1. Well done. Thank you very much for this selection series. You’re the inspiration!

  2. there seems to directory listing enabled on your website at and also potentially a problem is that xmlrpc.php is open and can be used for a brute Force attack against your username – alexis

  3. you will upload this content on udemy course ?

  4. Good lesson. 🌹🌹🌹👍

  5. Thank you. 🌹🌹🌹👍

  6. War W0lf says:

    One of the best tutorials of Recon-NG on youtube.

  7. Hello teacher wants help, please help? How can I exploit this sql vulnerability?

    Warning: pg_query (): Query failed: ERROR: Syntax error on or near line "8" LINE 1: … accounts on login account = 'admin ' # 'and password =' ​​8dde4f5938 … ^ on line 183 xampp htdocs index.php

    Warning: pg_num_rows () expects the source to be Boolean given in C: xampp htdocs index.php on line 184 of parameter 1.

    sign in
    hello or 1 = 1-
    I can't do anything, but I can't take advantage of this weakness.

  8. Pls make video on bug bounty

  9. Plz make video on how to find bugs on real world website

  10. Mel boogz says:

    I just bought all your courses on Udemy. Your a great teacher!!!!

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