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Published on June 25th, 2020 📆 | 5327 Views ⚑


Remove Sirefef "ZeroAccess" Trojan with ESET Cleaner

Remove Sirefef “ZeroAccess” Trojan with ESET Cleaner

ZeroAccess, or Sirefef, is a piece of malware known as a rootkit, this malicious peace of software replaces some critical files of the operating system and hooks to the kernel structure which makes the trojan invisible to both the operating system and security software.

Sirefef Cleaner


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39 Responses to Remove Sirefef "ZeroAccess" Trojan with ESET Cleaner

  1. Really cool video. Helped me alot

  2. Try the windows seven forums and you will find a .bat file to reset the notification cache for win 7 and 8.

  3. davids1700 says:

    MY computer shuts down when i see a vídeo. can any 1 help? ty

  4. John borg says:

    Hi Brain!I'm not sure if got my comment about the video of cartridges few days ago you did.
    I watched your video you got me interested in inkjet cartridges great video again,

    i have an old HP 1300 / inkjet cartridges[ HP laser jet Q2613X] do you think i could refill it if so i can were do i drill the hole in the HP laser jet Q2613X to refill it.


  5. Britec09 says:

    Glad it all helps you out.

  6. Britec09 says:

    Yeah its a lot more easy, thanks to tools like this and rouge killer.

  7. Britec09 says:

    Cheers Gary, I am sure it will help people who don't know how to deal with this type of infection.

  8. Britec09 says:

    Because I was the one who infected it lol

  9. Britec09 says:

    I did answer you, its a laser printer is it not?

  10. John borg says:

    Sorry Brain! Yes it is a laser printer the model number of the laser printer is HP Laser jet 1300 and the model number of the inkjet cartridge [ HP laser jet Q2613X] its a big cartridge check it out on the internet to see how it looks like to see were i can drill the hole in the cartridge.

  11. Britec09 says:

    Hi John, There are high quality videos on youtube on how to refill HP laser jet Q2613X

  12. John borg says:

    HI Brain! I will have a look at that soon.
    Thanks again Brain.

  13. Britec09 says:

    I got it on my list, thanks.

  14. SerbianPro says:

    Could you create a video how to fix connectivity issues whit databases.Because i have problem whit databases so software cannot connect to there server.

  15. Chris47368 says:

    eset is awsome, great antivirus tool

  16. ah i really need to remove ZeroAcces A,B,C …
    30% CPU ussafe in process System

  17. ron gold says:

    how did you tell that adobe notification was a fake? does not adobe also send those notifications?

  18. Britec09 says:

    The real update asks permission and will also ask at the end if you want adobe to update automatically or give you notifications or not update at all c:

  19. very good, thank you. I do have a question. I had a virus that disables task manager and regedit. It also stopped every cleaning procedure (antivirus, downloads, run in safe mode,etc). If able to run AV, it will spot the registry keys altered and attempts to fix. Turns out that virus activates itself! Used regmagik, deleted keys (windows policies) and they reappeared right away. Hitman pro did a good job, but it rarely worked. Kaspersky rescue CD did a temporary fix. Please help!!!!!!!

  20. Britec09 says:

    Its going to be hard to help you without looking at your computer the Leo

  21. Britec09 says:

    This tool works a treat on these type of rootkits.

  22. Britec09 says:

    Thanks, just wish I got more people to see my videos, so that they can help them.

  23. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your channel! I think everyone should know about these things! Thanks for doing your videos, they're really easy to follow and understand!

  24. Thank you so much for your videos my good sir, I got that damn FBI virus and this helped me remove everything and clean up my PC.

  25. ukash virus and zero access are bastards to get rid of, zero access recently got updated and not much picks up on it or is able to remove it correctly as it works around most security and adapts and just reinstalls. Your help videos are the easiest to follow. Nice work.

  26. sum one help? For some reason rougekiller stops at "checking hives" and windows terminates it…

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