The Rockville Center, N.Y. School District paid a $100,000
ransom to regain access to files that had been encrypted by Ryuk ransomware.

The school district has cyber insurance and is using that
cover the ransom payment, according to Newsday.
The district itself has not posted any details of the attack, but Newsday
reported the insurance company helped arrange for the payment and that the
decryption keys had been received and the data recovery was still taking place.

DigitalMunition has contacted the Rockville Center School District
for additional comment.

Rockville Center is hardly alone in having been attacked. School
districts across the county have been struck with ransomware during the last
six months and the New York State Department of Education sent a warning to all
the state’s district’s on July 31 to be on the alert for potential cybersecurity

Paying the ransom demand is also becoming more common as more
organizations have opted to take out cyber insurance policies, which can have
coverage for paying ransoms. Recently, Lake City, Fla.; La Porte County,
Indiana; and Riviera Beach, Fla. have all opted to pay the ransom demand in
order to regain access to their data.