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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Review and Buying Guide

Samsung is clearly aiming for the accessories markets too, with the constant roll-out of earphones for the past few years. The product that we personally thought was the best, aesthetic wise is the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds. That was for aesthetics only as the earbuds weren’t on par with the competition at that time still they were pretty useful and economical. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is not so economical as Samsung’s other earphones. With the first look at Samsung’s conference, it was clear that they were aiming for the crown with these earbuds.


The earbuds are not economical at all and match the price range of top tier earbuds such as the Apple AirPods second generation. Sitting at 200 dollars, the newest audio companion is nowhere cheap for a major chunk of consumers. As always, Samsung hits and misses a few spots but at the very least this is the best audio equipment that has come out of the company till now.

The aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are not extended like the AirPods but still cover a large part of your ear. The ear tips that rest against the ear canal are quite soft and come in three different sizes. It’s nothing mention-worthy about the ear tips, but it is heavily focused on the noise cancellation feature, their presence adds a lot. The case dimensions remain pocket friendly with a slight bump in weight. Still pocketable though, and not uncomfortable in carrying.

The earbuds adjust easily into your ear canal and also block as much outside noise as possible. They do not fall off even during exercises and a lot of movement, making them less prone to getting lost. The earbuds are coated with an IPX7 layer to make them impervious to water splashes, sweat, and rain. The pressure of the water can still damage such an intricate piece of technology.

Audio Quality
The audio fidelity of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro deserves a thumbs up, ignoring the weirdly long model name. They adjust to the highs and lows pretty well, and most genres of music are playable at a good tone. The earbuds, however, lack a deep bass and still needs a lot of improvement in that area. The volume felt a little less in some tracks and that can be due to the ANC feature or an equalizer flaw.

Noise cancellation
The earbuds are branded as one of the best noise-canceling products in the market, but that is not entirely true. The ANC does consume a significant battery capacity of the earbuds while only provide minor differences in the audio quality. There are a separate mic mesh and chamber for limiting outside noise and that feels more natural than AirPods Pro. The voice doesn’t feel technically altered as it appears on the other competitors. So ANC is good but only in some places.


Battery Life
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is drained easily when you use them with the ANC feature enabled. They will last up to five hours on ANC enabled and up to 8 hours with ANC disabled. The case packs twenty hours of battery life inside it and is able to charge wirelessly and with a USB type-c cable. The Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup supports reverse wireless charging so they act as a great combo if you don’t mind the price. Still, the battery is smaller than yesteryear’s Galaxy Buds Plus, which could last up to eleven hours. The battery size takes a hit due to the larger speakers and tweeters that cover a major chunk of the insides of the earbuds.
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is laden with quirks that are handy for users. The first one is the find my device feature that helps you to find them nearby. It works well and we were able to sieve them out from the overwhelming clutter at our desks. The earbuds can be configured using the application that allows you to adjust the equalizer, alter the levels of ANC, adjust gestures for input, and even use them in single or dual mode. The application on iOS doesn’t support these earbuds and that is a problem we were not ready for.


The earbuds also come with a voice detection feature that is a clever implementation of an accelerometer. It senses whenever you move your jaw for a few seconds and tones down the volume flowing inside the earbuds. Once it stops sensing the movement, it resumes the playback. The resume time can be edited in the application as per your preference. The only downside of this feature is that users that sing along with the track or are constantly humming, may find this feature annoying at first.

They can also invoke the voice assistant, which in this case is the least favorite of them all, Bixby.

The earbuds also support the automatic switching feature that allows you to change between devices such as the Samsung phones and tablets. The efficacy is still questionable as the earbuds cannot be paired to two devices at the same time. Still, you’ll never miss an important work call even if you are playing with your tablet. Yay! For better or worse.

The earbuds are not quite the best as they are projected in the advertisements. That is not a major letdown as it still is an interesting piece of tech for the price. Our dissatisfaction lies with the sub-par volume levels and the battery life that will compel you to charge them after a few hours of binging Netflix. What’s more troubling is that their iOS application does not currently work with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. So, even if you’re looking to upgrade to them, it’s not recommended at the moment. The aesthetics and color schemes are enticing although the Phantom black variant stands out the most.

One more feature that is not available to all the devices is the 3D audio that is only available on Samsung device with One UI version 3.1. These irregularities make it difficult to recommend it as an urgent buy.
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can be pre-booked from the company’s website or their trusted e-commerce partners, at an overwhelming price of 200 USD.

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