Videos Sn1per ToolKit - Automated Pentest Recon Scanner || Scan Website For Vulnerabilities

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Sn1per ToolKit – Automated Pentest Recon Scanner || Scan Website For Vulnerabilities

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Sn1per is an automated scanner that can be used during a penetration test to enumerate and scan for vulnerabilities.


Automatically collects basic recon ie. whois, ping, DNS, etc.
Automatically launches Google hacking queries against a target domain
Automatically enumerates open ports via NMap port scanning
Automatically brute forces sub-domains, gathers DNS info and checks for zone transfers
Automatically checks for sub-domain hijacking
Automatically runs targeted NMap scripts against open ports
Automatically runs targeted Metasploit scan and exploit modules
Automatically scans all web applications for common vulnerabilities
Automatically brute forces ALL open services
Automatically test for anonymous FTP access
Automatically runs WPScan, Arachni and Nikto for all web services
Automatically enumerates NFS shares
Automatically test for anonymous LDAP access
Automatically enumerate SSL/TLS ciphers, protocols and vulnerabilities
Automatically enumerate SNMP community strings, services and users
Automatically list SMB users and shares, check for NULL sessions and exploit MS08-067
Automatically exploit vulnerable JBoss, Java RMI and Tomcat servers
Automatically tests for open X11 servers
Auto-pwn added for Metasploitable, ShellShock, MS08-067, Default Tomcat Creds
Performs high level enumeration of multiple hosts and subnets
Automatically integrates with Metasploit Pro, MSFConsole and Zenmap for reporting
Automatically gathers screenshots of all web sites
Create individual workspaces to store all scan output

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