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Technology Social Media Side Door  Best Sellers Rank : #2

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Social Media Side Door Best Sellers Rank : #2
Skip the line at the front door and unlock privileged access to top influencers and decision makers Barriers used to be everywhere, in the form of gatekeepers and rules that governed access to people with power, authority, budgets, expertise, and fame. But social media side doors–alternate avenues of access through social media–have opened all around us. Through them, we can engage with top business executives, thought leaders, and tastemakers.In this groundbreaking guide, social media strategist Ian Greenleigh reveals how to detect and walk right through the social media side doors that lie hidden in plain sight–to forge valuable relationships, create business opportunities, raise your thought leader profile, or land the perfect job. It will enable readers to expand their own means of access to those they wish to engage with, and the ways in which this access–in both directions–can be used to unlock a new level of ROI.””One of the most informative and effective social media books I’ve ever read.”” — Joe Fernandez, CEO and cofounder of Klout””Authentic relationship building is the new marketing. Consider The Social Media Side Door your map and Greenleigh your trusted guide.”” — Ekaterina Walter, partner and CMO of Branderati and bestselling author of Think Like Zuck

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