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Published on February 24th, 2020 📆 | 2652 Views ⚑


Sophos vs Malware

Sophos has a range of enterprise and home security products. In this video we test their engine against a variety of malware and ransomware.


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38 Responses to Sophos vs Malware

  1. What antivirus product do you have ?

  2. Can you please test Symantec Endpoint Protection? version 14.2

  3. thebigfut says:

    I've started using this with great results a few months ago. And other than an extended family member who ignored the warnings from Sophos and tanked her Chrome install, this has worked great on computers of all ages.

  4. Test Linux AV's? I'm well aware that in most scenarios you don't need an AV on linux, but I would really like to see what the detection ratio is for popular linux av's like ClamAV, Comodo, and Sophos.

  5. 이민욱 says:

    time to test norton 360!

  6. I installed sophos a year ago. It couldn't even uninstall entirely and there is no way to remove it then. What s crappy product honestly

  7. Hey I wanna ask when running Windows in virtual box and Kaspersky installed in host machine, Kaspersky block virus execution in the virtual machine while opening infected websites. How???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Reply appreciated.

  8. N. S. says:

    New Avira Software: Avira Free Security is out!

  9. Peter Pan says:

    I am currently using ESET, but I might give Sophos another go. When I tested it couple of years ago it got destroyed by zero day threat and the whole system was encrypted.

  10. Omeeno says:

    Hey can you make a video on the new chromium based edge browser for its security and blocking malicious sites

  11. Rail says:

    Win Defender is sufficient

  12. Toto Crack says:

    In 2020 who is the best security product ? I want to buy sophos but maybe there is a Best security which one ? Thanks✌️

  13. just after u released the video they published the 3.0 version. Just wanted to let you know

  14. can you test webroot secure anywhere, it has the same method as in its cloud based as well? And it has the ability to reverse ransomware attack with a high success rate.

  15. Can kaspersky prevent new raccoon malware?

  16. Can I get the link these malwares please…

  17. sebaxfi says:

    Dr.Web Security Space ?

  18. nex0 says:

    Could you test Sophos Home Free?

  19. If it wasnt for HitmanPro Sophos would still be garbage

  20. DeeEcks says:

    you should run all of that malware without any antivirus and record what happens
    and i don't mean windows defender, i mean no antivirus

  21. htimanpro vs malwarebytes update with premium

  22. Sophos is trash…. Worst encryption software / anti virus i have ever used.

  23. Snail says:

    Iobit Malware Fighter vs Malware next please! (i have a free code so you can test the permium version)

  24. Who's here watch because they have this now

  25. Superblue says:

    how about reviewing Vipre again 🙂

  26. steve00055 says:

    instead of playing piano music play BARNES and BARNES FISH HEADS …

  27. I don't like going to a web page for the settings, I also like lots of settings and options, good to see the software worked well.

  28. Zeostar says:

    Yo my school uses sophos

  29. ItsMike says:

    Thanks for the video! It's always amazing to watch how well we actually do against these 🙂 Regarding the "grouping" of the threat notification popups, I didn't actually know we did that, pretty cool!

  30. You need to change the title to Sophos + HitmanPro

  31. Nutsy says:

    But can it stop corona virus?

  32. Hello TPSC, thank you for this video. Does Sophos home have a firewall with proper stateful inspection?

  33. Please do a test with the open source ClamAv!

  34. Are there any free anti-virus programs that you would recommend using in 2020?

  35. NazmusLabs says:

    I have been a Sophos home user for two and a half years, now, all thanks to your precious video on this product. That video was, I think, the first ever video I saw from your channel. From that day on, I had become both a Sophos customer and a subscriber to your channel 😉

    Here's my story…

    I was convinced when I watched your video on Sophos home back in 2017, when it was in beta. I couldn't believe the detection rates I was seeing.

    After doing a bit of research on Sophos, I learned they are focused on enterprise security, which answered my curiosity as to why I have never heard of this amazing Anti-Malware software. I was surprised to learn they have provided security products and services for over THREE DECADES!! 30+ ears of experience with enterprise security, and the fact that big businesses trust them, I kew I can trust them;

    And after all these years, Sophos was brining their tried and true enterprise grade security engine packaged in a simple and easy to use home product, I wasted no time. Downloaded and installed the beta for free, and never looked back. I had never felt so confident about a security product then I had at that moment.

    For having used the beta, which ran for almost a year I think, I was gifted an extra year of Sophos Home Premium once the product released (during the beta, all premium features that were slowly being added to the product were available for free.

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