The Madrid-based
security firm Prosegur was hit and taken down by a Ryuk ransomware attack late
last week.

The firm tweeted on November 27 that it suffered
a security incident in its telecommunications platforms and had implemented its
defensive and security protocols to try and mitigate and limit the damage to
itself and customers. It thenquickly issued an update stating it had been victimized
by Ryuk ransomware.

On November
29 issued its latest update on Twitter stating it was continuing its efforts to
recover from the attack. The corporate website
remains down.

The company
has more than 170,000 employees worldwide and primarily works in the physical
security space such as protecting cash in transit, security technology and
security consulting, residential security.

Ryuk has
been a go-to favorite ransomware for many cybercriminals, primarily those that
target larger enterprises.