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Super Pink Moon 2020: When is April Supermoon, Timing, and How to Watch ‘Pink Moon’ Live

The next supermoon of 2020 will appear on April 8 at 2:35am GMT (8:05am IST) and for the avid Moon-watchers, it’s going to be a special one as it’ll be the brightest and biggest full moon of the year. The April full moon has been traditionally known as the Pink Moon and it will be called Super Pink Moon this year because it is also supermoon, in addition to being a full moon. Unfortunately, people in India will not be able to watch this phenomenon as there will be daylight. However, supermoon enthusiasts in the country can watch the event live online.

Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming supermoon.

What is a supermoon?

A supermoon orbit is closest to Earth. Due to this close distance from our planet, the Moon appears much larger and brighter. This month’s Super Pink Moon is said to be 356,907 km away from our planet. The average distance between Earth and the Moon is 384,400 km.

A full moon may not necessarily be a supermoon because the Moon revolves in an elliptical orbit around the Earth. A full moon can appear in the fullest form even when it is at a farther distance from our planet. According to a report by CNET, the April 8 supermoon will be the biggest and brightest supermoon of this year.

Why is it called Pink Moon?

When it comes to naming a full moon, the process usually depends on the native American regions and seasons. The name ‘Pink Moon’, therefore, refers to the pink flower (Phlox subulata) that blooms in spring in the east of North America and not the colour of the Moon, as per a Farmer’s Almanac report. The full moon around this of the year is also referred to as Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

When was the last supermoon of 2020?

The last supermoon of 2020 appeared between 9 March to 11 March. March supermoon was popularly called as Super Worm Moon.

How to watch it from India – livestream

Since the Super Pink Moon will appear in India at 8:05am, people in the country will not be able to watch the phenomena by just looking at the sky as there will be daylight. But thanks to online websites, you can still watch the supermoon live.

Slooh will be streaming the forthcoming supermoon live on their YouTube channel.

Virtual Telescope is also known to host livestreams of supermoons. A live link should be up on their YouTube channel in the coming days.

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