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Surveillance Report EP. 9 | Weekly Security & Privacy News – Digitalmunition

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Published on April 21st, 2020 📆 | 2586 Views ⚑


Surveillance Report EP. 9 | Weekly Security & Privacy News

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Welcome to the Techlore Surveillance Report, a weekly security and privacy news roundup to keep you up to speed on important updates in our digital world. Uploaded every weekend!

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40 Responses to Surveillance Report EP. 9 | Weekly Security & Privacy News

  1. I'm founding this a really good alternative for watching the news. Because, on TV there is nothing something that is really interesting. And there is nothing really valuable on. So, keep doing this very interesting and useful series. Spreading the news of the thugs that are invading our privacy or are putting us at security risk for their own benefit.

  2. Mark. says:

    Very good work. Keep at it.

  3. ROB86079 says:

    I'm check out your podcast..

  4. Love the channel, added it as a featured channel. Keep up the great work

  5. Bobby Hall says:

    Hi, Long-time subscriber, first time caller… can you hear me? Good. I do like the new format. It is so much nicer than the full-frontal guys. With this setup, you have the space you need to gesture, and not be as stiff as some other presenters-of-information, on YT. Or, were you looking for artistic notes? I got a few of those, too.

  6. __ says:

    Thanks for these, I love this series! The more news that comes out about the capabilities of surveillance tech the more it feels like we are stemming a great and all destroying tide.

  7. Bob Jones says:

    What is new about monitoring someones breathing? For that past several years the police and savvy private detectives have been listening to just about anyone they want with your WIFI signal. It is so powerful that when you sleep, your pulse can be measures. Breaking your password takes only 20 seconds with Brute Force. WIFI has been the greatest privacy destroyer in recent times!

  8. Please look into the New patients that Bill Gates has on Crypto mining

  9. Love this series, keeps me updated on news as I sometimes do not read every article i see. Keep it up!

  10. I really like this format. 😊

  11. New format ✔

    I would be prepared for the longer version with your views on this platform also.

  12. Biky says:

    The best (or worse) news I heard this month about identifying people was with the smart toilet scanning for diseases and identifying people via their "analprint," which is less error prone than fingerprinting.

  13. Mostlymax says:

    I love this series so much

  14. billis pas says:

    Hey. Could you do a video about the privacy of add ons in browsers? Thank you! (Example: Ublock requires to many permissions)

  15. Mushushu says:

    How can I listen to the podcast without creating an account? I checked all of the links but they all want me to sign up to listen.

  16. But Good Citizens™ have nothing to hide! You don't have anything to hide, do you Citizen?…

  17. On my mobile, I can't tell description links apart. Can only view in portrait, and they get cut off. Could you number or label them more? Please and thank you!

  18. Awesome news….I love it.

  19. maze ransomware ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Jason K says:

    the continued erosion of privacy is depressing.

  21. I luv when digital dicks try to explain the reality they endorse 😎-that’s YOU‼️nothing personal 😺

  22. I wanna stop your info scams😇- – GOOGLE

  23. PugK9unit says:

    Great video! Thanks for compiling all this.

  24. What about zoom using it’s new ai to detect nude photos in your meetings.

  25. Hey man good content brotha! Everything sounds clear and the real slight BG music is perfect. Its like barely there but its totally there. Perfect man. Thanks for the good info.

  26. Tom Peters says:

    I love Surveillance Reports. The misfits is always a treat at the end.

  27. TILR says:

    and get out there…WAIT NO DON'T DO THAT

  28. Was watching the Leon Valley, Texas Town Hall meeting about a week ago LIVE and they were using Zoom. So hilarious when the live pornhub stream came on for everyone to see and hear in real-time! Omg I was dying, man! Activists have been fighting and litigating against this corrupt county, their sheriff, mayor, etc, for a few years so this was sweet revenge (porn). bwahahaha.

  29. How does the Github phishing site bypass 2FA?

  30. big fan of your channel keep it up my guy

  31. Vloshko says:

    Keep sticking to it, this is wonderful! Plus you have a great voice so all formats are wonderful to watch and listen to.

  32. Haven't been this early since the begenning of the channel

    The podcast and videos are bangers!

  33. Sakul says:

    Thanks for your effort

  34. Techlore says:

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    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/techlore
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