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Trump Admin Insisted CDC Alter Data To Downplay COVID-19’s Risk To Children

October 5th, 2020 📆 | 2649 Views ⚑

A former public affairs official of the US Department of Health and Human Services pressured the CDC to alter a

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Trump Admin Flip-Flops On COVID-19 Data Reporting Policy

August 20th, 2020 📆 | 7397 Views ⚑

The Trump administration is doing an about-face on its insistence that hospitals report new COVID-19 cases to the Department of

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Trump Admin To Review DACA, Reject New Applications

July 29th, 2020 📆 | 7606 Views ⚑

The Trump administration will not accept new applications for one Obama-era program.The program shields deportation for certain undocumented immigrants, reports

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ICE Questions an Admin of The-Eye Archive Site About ‘BlueLeaks’

July 21st, 2020 📆 | 5506 Views ⚑

On Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents questioned a woman who shared a copy of allegedly stolen U.S. police internal

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Trump Admin ‘Disappears’ CDC COVID-19 Data, Uproar Ensues

July 18th, 2020 📆 | 7432 Views ⚑

Earlier this week, critical data on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website vanished without a trace.According to HuffPost,

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IT experts raise alarm over Duterte admin contact-tracing app

June 8th, 2020 📆 | 4145 Views ⚑

AT A GLANCE The government’s official contact-tracing app has excessive permissions and unclear parameters on how citizens’ information will be

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Democrats, Security Experts Aghast At Trump Admin’s Abandonment Of Critical Treaty

May 21st, 2020 📆 | 5850 Views ⚑

Democratic lawmakers and national security experts have excoriated the White House’s abandonment of the Open Skies Treaty.The State Department announced

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