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Technology: A Shondaland Series

When we think about technology, we often think of VR headsets, self-driving cars, earbuds, our mobile phones, and other marvels of modern engineering, but technological innovation dates back tens of thousands of years, and its always been a key driver of thriving societies. In the past few decades, we’ve become hyper-aware of its presence because, well, it’s always present. We’re more “plugged-in” than ever before, glued to screens and feeds and apps, our contacts, bank accounts, calendars, and social lives stored online and available with one tap. And our reliance on tech has only increased during the pandemic.

When the U.S. screeched to a halt in March 2020 as a result of the pandemic, technology spared the world from a complete and total shutdown. From Zoom meetings to e-commerce to VR concerts, technology has kept us connected and kept businesses running. Because of tech, we were able to keep taking workout classes via video, seeing our doctors face to face via video calls, and even hanging out together on a Zoom happy hour or video-based dinner party. For those of us who live alone, it spared us from complete aloneness.

Given that tech touches every facet of our lives — and given how critical it’s been to our survival during Covid-19 — Shondaland wanted to explore technology, how we relate to it, where it’s headed, and the ways it will reshape our lives in the near future.

Technology and the Pandemic

Tech & Daily Life

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