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Technology Liberates Us… Inside Golden Cages With Golden Chains

Posted in Humour at 8:26 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Technology is marvellous
Endless in scope
Data it can process
More than humans can cope

Pick up your “smart” phone
In case there’s an emergency
The government can rescue you
It can also make calls, you see?

Technology is marvellous
It helps you “like” things
Of course others can see it
So upload things and sing!

“Likes” are the currency of popularity
What’s not to like?
You get two likes immediately
Provided you reciprocate with Jennifer and Ike

All technology is marvellous
More means “smarter”
Mightier, merrier
Sure, it’ll make you happier

Screw real-life relationships
You can make more Facebook friends
One in five of which you’ve met
But that’s not the message it sends

Circuses are marvellous
A show with frightful animals
And then you get some clowns
CIOs and CTOs who champion “clown computing”

Give up all your data
Rewards you shall receive
Loyalty cards track your purchases
Sometimes even your fridge

Cash is so disgusting
It’s for people who beg for change
Display your ID everywhere
Or they’ll put you in a cage █

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  • Technology Liberates Us… Inside Golden Cages With Golden Chains

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