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Temperature technology among back-to-school plans for Burke Central

LIGNITE, N.D – As more schools are wrapping up preparations for students to return to start semester, staff at Burke Central School said they are ready to get started Wednesday.

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Temperature technology among back-to-school plans for Burke Central.

A new voice will be welcoming students into the halls of Burke Central School.

Staff at Burke Central school purchased a contactless machine will take students temperatures on their wrists before they enter the building.

This is one example of ND Smart Restart guidelines being followed by Burke Central to ensure a healthy student body.

Many teachers said they can’t wait to see their kids again.

“The good thing is it’s new to them so they’re not going to realize it’s any different,” said Kindergarten Teacher Vickie Merritt.  

Merritt said that for her 10 younger students, keeping things healthy this year will require a little more preparation.

“I gave them different tubs to organize their stuff so they’re not touching and they only use certain manipulative’s, a lot of charts to keep track of who’s used what so it can be disinfected and clean for the next one,” said Merritt.

Teachers of older students like Holly Chrest are also implementing procedures to keep students healthy despite a lack of supplies.

We’re not able to get the wipes we need to wipe the keyboards so the students will wash their hands when they come in, they’re assigned computers assigned chairs and then wash their hands when they leave so that way we’re trying to avoid, again, the cross contamination,” said Chrest.

Overall the school came up with a game plan with a COVID-19 team and reached out to parents online and in person to receive data and feedback before any plans were made official.

“We did two types of surveys online and face to face. We were actually one of the only districts that served meals clear up to July 31 so we were able to go to parents house, get the survey and have them fill it out,” said Superintendent Rick Lindblad.

Getting students back in school one precaution at a time.

Lindblad said students will not be required to wear masks but any parents entering the building after school begins will be required to and will be provided with one.

Students will return to class Wednesday.

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