Videos The Dark Overlord files examined by computer forensics expert

Published on April 15th, 2019 📆 | 5015 Views ⚑


The Dark Overlord files examined by computer forensics expert

The Dark Overlord recently came into the media when the group started crowdfunding for the release of the files have had obtained. They done this on bitcoin. When they were released many people started looking at the files including a computer forensic expert Sparky.Tech.

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23 Responses to The Dark Overlord files examined by computer forensics expert

  1. Sooo………. WHAT EXACTLY do the fucking emails SAY?!!!

  2. I don't think it's about the $.Maybe bait for deep state

  3. XH CH says:

    over 1million $ for layer 5? fuck them, nobody should pay this guys, they can shove that truth up their ass, the only people who are capable of paying that shitload of money is the people this documents will incriminate

  4. A.J Do Stuff says:

    Well if the comments and posts about the overlord is being suppressed and deleted, it basically confirms their legitimacy.

  5. mads max says:

    U will know this hack is bs if they blame it all on saudis and leave out Israel. Like the 28 bs pages, because it is being scrubbed and is not on the mainstream media it is probably legit information that will expose truth.

  6. Eric Salls says:

    hey shhhhh.bit coin is tracked by the FBI.. has been since last year sometime…

  7. jcsgodmother says:

    A whistleblower is only protected from prosecution if the exposure is to help the public not for financial gain. It is to the benefit of the Dark Overlord to release the documents w/o getting money.

  8. J. Peluso says:

    Alex Jones admitted that the Infowars techs are the Dark OverLords. They were given the documents and made up the hacking story to sound mysterious.

  9. Uncle Creepy says:

    Are the files on torrent or darknet?

  10. Dark overlord already said on 4chan that he uses Windows Embedded. No secret there.

  11. Selma Kelly says:

    So where and when can we look at the documents? Anyone know?

  12. Real criminals would have used Monero instead of Bitcoin 🙂
    And also not
    Windows !
    Or maybe they thought, bitcoin is more in the people's heads, so we stick with it and trade it afterwards for Monero, so the government doesn't try to send Bitcoin to a Monero address 😀

    Tails is a live operating system with privacy focus, tor integration and such, the ram thing is true, but not so important, because after a few minutes beeing turned off, the ram is unreadable anyway.

  13. icy bread & butter comes from computers, …. YOU know a lot more about computers than most "Americans" lol your vocabulary includes operating system & linux… if i said those words to 90% of my clients they look @ me like I'm speaking Japanese lol.

  14. that zacguy says:

    A hacker that uses windows??

  15. Stamina 89 says:

    The way he says “Technical context” at 2:53 ????????? Im Fuckin crying !!!

  16. Art Vein says:

    "Scrubbed offline" definition
    Every link found on Google…

  17. SeverSFSs says:

    So you mean to tell me after watching this whole 20 min video and after they opened the 1st of 4 layers of this shit that we still don't get a single piece of proof? Start bets about layer 2 anyone? 1000 dollars says it doesnt incriminate anyone and this guy will make an entire 20 min video about that one too….. fuckin waste of time. All of it.

  18. I am sure it cost them money to retrieve this information and they should be paid. They may just show it all make the evil ones squirm

  19. Myron Gibson says:

    needs to come out any way posable.

  20. Joe Smith says:

    For all we know the elites already paid them off, whacked them out and now they are disseminating the info.

  21. blountman747 says:


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