The Department of Homeland Security responds to federal website hack | ABC News – Digitalmunition

Videos The Department of Homeland Security responds to federal website hack | ABC News

Published on January 5th, 2020 📆 | 7715 Views ⚑


The Department of Homeland Security responds to federal website hack | ABC News

The website of the Federal Depository Library Program was taken offline after the site was defaced with anti-U.S. messaging.

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27 Responses to The Department of Homeland Security responds to federal website hack | ABC News

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  2. Yo get me a job and cut the BS

  3. Sun Fire says:

    Ah ya full a shit madonney

  4. Maybe they were just looking for Disney on Demand.

  5. Anna Glber says:

    Now it is clear you know who is who and where and when. Now say 1975-86 schwabach Germany school years lest two years 1983-85 Heinz Krautwurst teaching. Classmates . And this story of ones knowing then 1984-86 schwabach Germany US military Patrick Kronz. Lest knowing 1991 Kentucky state fair gate 4 left get through it front parking lot. How many time this one man change hes looks and Otherwise Identify him self als someone else. In all this years intwin this time year of birth it is sure not less then 68 after 67 not more the two years before 67 too 2020 it is now. And sure it is more then enough truth. Too storylines identify different ways change looks many ways. In around law in force some more then others or is it. Stop too act not knowing it all. Get shit straighten up. Would be smart with it all. Patrick Kronz too knowing then 1984-86 US military Schwabach germany better start too show up in person. Would be smart in that.

  6. Knight says:

    That happend when you let muslim in

  7. This channel is anti Trump and therefore it will obviously twist everything based on their wicked bias. Watch FOX News for an unbiased view.

  8. Jeff Allen says:

    If they just kill trump.. hell I'm good

  9. Chris mastronardi held hostage by cult abc please assist.

  10. 1pyroace1 says:

    Yesterday was go back to your country to fight for your country lol….

  11. Send the leaders of the US and Iran to fight each other leave our troops out.. Hand to hand combat

  12. outlawfly says:

    Meh, this is typical political nonesense, trying to scare American people in order to rally them behind the flag. Iran has made very clear they will never attack innocent civilians, plus it's not their style. Sunni fundementalist on the other hand which are funded by Saudi Arabia have done that, time and time again in western countries, and guess what? The government happens to be allies with them, it's madness.

  13. Mae Mae says:

    Really? Government can’t even secure their most trustworthy web. Next maybe Iranian hackers will lunch cyberattacks on US power grid and infrastructure.

  14. mk toohtwo says:

    This is how far Trump is willing to go to avoid being exposed. He could have just resigned as the shit continued to hit the fan, but instead he’s doubling down and feeding the fire with the young lives of innocent Americans.

  15. Stop instigating the problem you sound like a cheerleader for killers and not our leader

  16. Aim Smith says:

    Shut down every fucking computer network is Iran.

  17. I Am you. says:

    And begins…

    I didn't even celebrate New Years Eve because I can't help but realize this year will be the dawn of more sorrows to come. The NWO order started after 9/11

  18. Jane Hardy says:

    Okay, the picture was pro-Iranian, but was it anti-American? Everybody is clear that the assassination of Soleimani was on Trump’s order and only on his order. Congressional leaders weren’t even notified, unless official positions of leadership no longer matter because Trump now hand-picks who those leaders are. The picture is of Donald Trump. Why would we think this cyber hack has anything to do with America? How is it not just anti-Trump?

  19. Anna Glber says:

    Oh one more thing. Please say very very much hallo too Patrick Kronz ones schwabach Germany US military 1984-86 and tell him show up 322E 26th street Tucson Arizona Where he most likely hang around there in some ways or the other one reason or the other. What he should be still alive. After all it bin 1984-85 and some where at this time Before he whats shouldn't be are lie schwabach Germany school years on and of intwin 1975-86 lest two years Heinz Krautwurst teaching 1983-85 Hang out with that. It means only not more then two years older or two years younger then 1967

  20. Valik J. says:

    "The world is a safer place."

  21. Do nothing Democrats look at there districts blame Trump for there mess. All big cities I thing got brainwashed through the water.

  22. Fucking morons that know nothing about anything. Trump did what he should of. You gun grabbing left is a cancer.

  23. Trumps an idiot He's a danger to our country. He'll do anything to try to cheat his way back into re-election. Remove him from office before he causes worse damage like the war crimes he's threatened .

  24. Lanoi says:

    Hoping for the best… everyone stay alert and be informed 👍
    God bless ❤️

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