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Published on June 29th, 2020 📆 | 7388 Views ⚑


The Easyjet Major Data Breach

Easyjet has suffered a major data breach impacting almost 10 million customers. In today’s video, I take a look at the said data breachs and the impact it has had.

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21 Responses to The Easyjet Major Data Breach

  1. Skinnyman says:

    This happens in the U.S. Everyday of the week! Pain in the butt!

  2. Man, IDK why but watching these guys painting planes is oddly satisfying

  3. Companies always claim they have robust security systems in place. Yet they still get hacked. Why should we believe them?

  4. RobEJC says:

    Change passwords monthly, don't reuse passwords, etc., etc. All that data likely being sold on the dark web before customers were even notified.

  5. Actually you shouldn't change your pasword frequently as this makes you lazy in the part of making hard passwords.

    The most important things is:
    1) Come up with a new password for each new account, never use the same password on two different account's.
    2) Make it atleast 8 character's long (personally I have passwords up to 20 character's).

    And you could write down the password on a peice of paper so you won't need to remeber the password in your head.

  6. 0 0 says:

    So awesome to see wide bodies in formation!

  7. Well I use ryanair so I'm fine.

  8. Just an additional issue related to working with a cheap carrier. You can bet they applied only the minimal amount of security. Nothing more.

  9. Alistair says:

    October 2019 to March 2020. Thats how long the hack was going on for.

  10. I thought this would be sponsored by dashlane…

  11. Foorack says:

    I am active in the cyber security industry. I haven't worked on this incident directly, but based on what I've heard from colleges this is NOT a "highly sophisticated attack". The attack method used was very common, and easyjet had failed to put in place basic security measures. Secondly, their approach to handling this matter is in clear violation of GDPR. Discovering it in January to notifying people in April is a breach against customers right to be notified. I hope this matter is taken to court.

  12. AndrewEC1 says:

    Same “breach” happened to British Airways a few years back. My credit card company very kindly just wrote to me and changed my card number.

  13. Quail King says:

    I went with Easyjet 9 years ago to Germany. Flight was okay. Does anyone else like Easyjet?

  14. John Iii says:

    The founder and largest shareholder was probably behind it. He just lost a major battle to kick out senior management.

  15. mike wa says:

    The hacked accounts belong to the most loyal customers. Easyjet knew of this breach some months ago, didn't advise customers till now. Easyjet owe their loyal customers more than an apology.

  16. People know the risks of scammers/hackers and still continue to use on-line facilities. Stop using cards and they can’t get at you…
    The internet is unsafe and always will be, do not be under the illusion that it won’t happen to you…it will!

  17. Tim Kerman says:

    What use could one possibly have to go through all the effort to hack a rich corporation other than spying and vaulable secret information?

  18. No advice given on claiming compensation????

  19. Says a lot about about security

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