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Published on February 5th, 2021 📆 | 6239 Views ⚑


The great suspender is dropped from the Chrome store

Chrome extensions provide nifty tricks that help you stay ahead in the browser game. Chrome store is flooded with extensions that help you manage webpages easily. It is common for the extensions on the Chrome store to be plagued with malware that can keep tabs on your tabs. Pun intended! A recent exploit resulted in the removal of the extension called the great suspender. I liked great suspender for the fact that it offered better memory management by suspending the tab after a specific time period.

Unlike most useful Chrome extensions, this one was free to use and that was the best part about it. You received regular updates and bug fixes without paying a penny. The extension itself was simple to run and didn’t crash or freeze the browser itself, because that would have been disastrous. An extension is supposed to be lightweight, and if you regularly use chrome extensions you may come across many that are so visual and complex that they hang from time to time. This was not the case with the great suspender as it remained tucked in the corner saving your precious computer memory.

The extension was apparently sold by the original developers to different management that had the nefarious intention of creeping up on your data. It is not yet substantiated that the extension did steal passwords, so you can have a sigh of relief for now. With the extension being banned, I miss the great suspender very much. It automatically managed Chrome from chugging my measly eight gigs memory that allowed it to function better than what it does now.


There are two ways to obtain your suspended tabs from the past. The first involves a slight fiddling with developer options and unpacking a safe an uncompromised version of the extension. It can easily be found on GitHub and can be used without fear. The second step involves a slightly daunting process and I’m elaborating it for you.

  • Open the history of your Chrome browser by navigating to the three dots on the top left corner. A simple Ctrl+H will also do the trick.
  • In the history search bar, you have to locate the URLs that contain the extension prefix of the great suspender. chrome- extension://klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg/suspended.html.
  • You can go one tab at a time or open them all. Remember that you cannot directly access the suspended URLs yet.
  • Each URL with the extension prefix is illegible to a normal user. Keeping the convolutions at bay, you just need to trim the part up to &url=.
  • You can now access your list URLs with ease.


The great suspender turned out to be not so great after the owner traded places with some other developer that was running malicious code from a remote server, that mimicked the actions similar to tracking and fraud. Alternatives pop up as soon as a popular service dies but I’ll not recommend those. The great suspender allowed you to access the pages even after hours of browser activity, and there are a few extensions that work similarly. Session buddy is one useful extension that groups your tab from a particular session and groups them so that you can open those all at once. I won’t recommend you to go back to the great suspender for now as it will only lead you to a road of misery and data theft.

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