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Videos The OSINT Space is Growing! Are we Ready? (Adrian Korn)

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The OSINT Space is Growing! Are we Ready? (Adrian Korn)

The OSINT Space is Growing! Are we Ready?
The amount of public data generated on the internet is exponentially growing, and in turn, so is the OSINT space. This has led to new applications of OSINT to process all this data and derive meaningful intelligence that organizations can act on.

While this fast growth is great for the industry, new applications of OSINT comes with many challenges. These challenges include defining what is “Good OSINT”, effectively navigating OSINT tools, and providing adequate interoperability between such tools.

Adrian Korn has specialized in Cyber Threat Intelligence and OSINT while working for organizations in the financial services and technology space. Adrian has previously delivered talks at DEFCON’s Recon Village, Penn State University, and has been a guest speaker on the OSINT Curious and Security Sandbox podcasts.

Leveraging his background in the intelligence field, Adrian serves as the Director of OSINT Operations & Strategic Initiatives at Trace Labs, a Not-For-Profit that crowdsources OSINT to generate new leads on active missing persons investigations. At Trace Labs, Adrian’s primary focus is on building partnerships with organizations within the OSINT and missing persons space, while also facilitating “Missing CTF” events for various conferences, academic institutions, and Not-For-Profits. Past events have included ones at Australia’s National Cyber Week, BSidesTO, DEFCON, BSides Vancouver, and Hackfest.

Adrian is also a Director and Lead Organizer for the DEFCON Toronto Chapter where he facilitates monthly meetups, workshops, and CTFs for a community of 2500+ hackers and security professionals.

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