Videos Top 10 Gadgets Every White & Black Hat Hacker Use & Needs In Their Toolkit

Published on April 1st, 2019 📆 | 3155 Views ⚑


Top 10 Gadgets Every White & Black Hat Hacker Use & Needs In Their Toolkit

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42 Responses to Top 10 Gadgets Every White & Black Hat Hacker Use & Needs In Their Toolkit

  1. Iam Meena says:

    Shame about the music moron! If you are going to do an educational video leave the music out

  2. Hi,darkwebinfiltrators101@gmail is the best.

  3. Hi,darkwebinfiltrators101@gmail is the best.

  4. Crypto Info says:

    Whats a Use Hacker?

  5. Spell check, obviously not one of them.

  6. Black Crow says:

    Awesome information, thanks so much, subscribed and need to get it…

  7. Black Crow says:

    Please turn down the background music can't really hear some times the given descriptions….

  8. Adam Banta says:

    I don’t like to sound negative but I have thought of another title for this video.
    10 Gadgets That Normies Use to Hack Because They Don’t Know WTF is Going On or 10 Hacking Gadgets for Lazy Assholes. It is really interesting that these devices exist but most true hackers don’t use these tools because the fun is the actual coding process and building custom devices.

  9. Bro you just gave hackers a shipping list let's hope YouTube is safe from the info you gave out
    Thay will use it on YouTube cuz thay got banned lol bye youtube

  10. czpanama says:

    Rhetorical vomit for the purpose of shill and clicks.

  11. get your mix right cant hear hardly anything…jeezus, music sounds shit, not dramatical. its depressing!

  12. =====Turn on Subtitles required.===== (amateur mix embedded)

  13. tyson koster says:

    this is what hackers buy afther they managed to hack blockchain technology or pornhubs bank account

    whos going to spend all those moneys just 2 perform a man in the midle attack

  14. ecchi squid says:

    I hear wearing a hoodie increases your hacking skills by a factor of 9001.

  15. FlameStyle says:

    ty but show me something that I dont know or dont have plz …

  16. Be H says:

    Would have been a great video

  17. ahmad abakah says:

    you should have spoken english what you said were trash

  18. cotton hat says:

    white hackers sound honest.. and black not.. but who knows..

  19. Who s the retard that set the music ? Nice for hackers lol

  20. The music drowns out most of the speech and the robotic speech is annoying…

  21. r3kt m8 says:

    This reeks of autism.

  22. DarthMaul says:

    i hacked mario ???????????? im better than watch dogs

  23. D S says:

    How would someone (hypothetically) hack a bus to say a different destination?

  24. MAK says:

    You forgot coffee

  25. Now use bash bunny not rubber duck more bester

  26. Hacker just need a mind not any gadget

  27. Daki N says:

    types in Google search bar do a barrel rol


  28. ???????????????? Can't hear… Background music is higher than speech

  29. Mark Maroon says:

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  30. *Dillon* says:

    Play in 0.75x speed. It helps immensely.

  31. Music is louder than the voice

  32. Didn't know pineapple gives out signal

  33. Music is a divergance(white noise)…if you cant here what she say is that you dont focus….shaabam…..

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