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Videos Top 3 Best FREE Antivirus Softwares (2018-2019)

Published on September 5th, 2016 📆 | 5364 Views ⚑


Top 3 Best FREE Antivirus Softwares (2018-2019)

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38 Responses to Top 3 Best FREE Antivirus Softwares (2018-2019)

  1. AVG is owned by Avast, and their engines have been merged, so they're basically the same product with a different user interface.

  2. DEZESEBAS says:

    avg is trash, all the pop ups are very annoying and if your in a game it tabs you out.

  3. its not 2020 kaspersky is better

  4. Avast is also intrusive when it comes to upgrade to premium or another paid feature.

  5. I see your all video plz grow my channel bro.

  6. Richard says:

    Actually spyhunter 5 is better Than this s#its (I mean atleast this one is delete the virus even if you need to wait for 48 hour with Free trial)

  7. Hey ! what about G Data total security and can Sophos home free be used without sign in or sign up ? anyways? Reply soon! ASAP

  8. Get all-time best Antivirus from>> Secured.Kim . Real time threat protection and Advanced security of this antivirus defend against existing and emerging malware to your devices, and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online. I am sure that you will be surprise after seeing their offer.

  9. i PAID to have McAfee and it kept asking me to upgrade~

  10. Dex4Sure says:

    avast is shit only losers recommend it today. it was good 10 years ago, not anymore.

  11. Starr Chan says:

    I just hear what your saying about the first one and you saying like what type of people would most likely it would be for is so funny, like my mom would be smarter then me and see if a thing she is downloading or anything like that is a virus or whatever, but I don't do it on a computer cuz it's I haven't had one in forever so it's kinda new to me but on a phone I will test to see if it has a virus before I even download it 😂😂😂😂 I'm a granny, jk I'm not that old, I believe I'm leaving like a Gen Z or something . . . But totally going to try the first one cuz I'm lazy af on a computer 😆😆, anyways I hope everyone is having a good day/afternoon/night/mid-morning

  12. 2:18 that 2 looks like a 9 connected with an upside-down seven

  13. whenn get rid of the virus with avast i must pay :c

  14. my computer have tons of virus imm trying to make them gone

  15. This was posted 2-3 years ago

  16. Joe Ransom says:

    Bro, you're a mad youtuber. You've got practically 73K subs, you've put out 5 videos over the course of 5 years and 3 of them have millions of views, how yu du dis?! xD Seriously though the videos are amazing! Telling people how to get all this great free stuff. Props man, you are a fucking legend. You have an image of this guy, shrouded in mystery who only comes around once a year or so but when he arrives you know your getting something amazing for nothing. Your website too, OH MY DAYS! Bless you child.

  17. Avast servers were hacked

  18. Tried to download on my aspire 3 cheap ass pc no luck

  19. Cyrus Sasu says:

    avast isnt free, you have to pay before removing virus

  20. why tri says:

    i legit just got a virus from this

  21. Ivan says:

    Nothing is free in life.
    -Random comment.

  22. Eset is better than BitDefender.
    (This is my opinion)

  23. What does the free AVG do it will not protect your pc and it tells you when you have a virus to freak out and buy the AVG premium

    But hey it told me before i was about to open a file so i'll give it ⭐⭐⭐

  24. VALUED 1 says:

    do you recommend using the secure browser for avast?

  25. to be honest avast is not really that good it should have been the third one as whenever i do a scan even if it is on a brand new windows 10 pc it shows that there is issues and guess what you do to fix it? buy there premium product it is like a scareware but ehh so i recommend getting another (*just my opinion*)

  26. 30 day free trials and free are two completely different things my dude

  27. Can't take this serious since AVG is in it. AVG=Ain't very good

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