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Top 5 Linux Distros for 2019 – Digitalmunition

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Published on February 11th, 2019 📆 | 6592 Views ⚑


Top 5 Linux Distros for 2019

Today we tackle the top 5 Linux distros for 2019. This year I focus on reasons why they are my picks.

5.) Arch Labs:

4.) Elementary OS:

3.) Solus:

2.) Manjaro:

1.) Linux Mint:

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20 Responses to Top 5 Linux Distros for 2019

  1. I think Debian should be included in 1st with mint in 2nd. Debian is really good.

  2. One very necessary item in my list of requirements for a LINUX distro is that a reasonable amount of effort will suffice to add another language, in this case Russian, to the system and set the keyboard to switch easily between languages. Peppermint passes that test as does Ubunta-Mate. No version of Mint can do that. I wouldn't even have Mint on my list of ready4PrimeTime, much less at $1.

  3. luk3Z says:

    What is the difference between Manjaro and Kilimanjaro ? Where is MX Linux and Void Linux ?
    Ubuntu = "aboon to" with subtitles on (not so perfect as you can see).

  4. I tried Manjaro and went running back to arch within a day, I will never leave arch again, arch has made me stop distro hopping for 3 years, If you love arch and try manjaro thinking its a "Polished Arch" dont, its a very inferior experience IMHO.

  5. Mel Torres says:

    You must have a buddy in the mint community

  6. I always end up coming back to Mint.

  7. Sou UBUNTU will be NUMBER ZERO?

  8. spk02 says:

    Hi could you do a list, w the best distors w uefi "support" by support I mean compatibility. I've an old MacBook 32bit I'm trying to install a distro on, it's stuck on lm 17. something, mate desktop. But currently broken. Thanks. Additionally great content and ty, keep up the work, I'm subscribed and like all the videos I watch.

  9. Manjaro doesn't break on updates unless you're installing the last kernel available, it can be unstable.

  10. 0-Zone says:

    Arch is for Linux geeks –vs– Elementary OS for beginners.
    MX Linux is medium weight and by distrowatch.com is number 1.

  11. Can you install Deepin DE on Linux Mint?

  12. elrond3737 says:

    My 83 year old Father uses Mint and it never fails him… unlike windows did. I had to help him out many times with windows. Mint works so well for him I put it on one of my machines and daughters Laptop and will most likely use it for all my other kids as they get old enough to use a computer. Love it. Easy and solid. I used to run red hat back in the day and it was awesome. Today, I also have puppy on an old xp machine and I am looking at a number of other distros for another machine…just because I can.

  13. xeiAiex says:

    Awesome is a WM…

  14. jjjmail says:

    Whatever happened to MX Linux? I thought that was your fav, based on the video you did of it. Since then, MX Linux has also become my fav, as it seems to give the user the most choices, and is easy (even allows choice of systemD or not)

  15. I switched to POP_OS! and added the Cinnamon desktop to it. I like it better than when I had Mint Cinnamon.

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