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Published on June 29th, 2019 📆 | 8219 Views ⚑


Top 5 Note Taking e-Readers 2019: Ranked

This was a TIGHT race and the “ranking” should be taken lightly. These are the TOP 5 devices!
These devices are not worlds apart. They are all very capable, high quality devices.

The breakdown placing is as follows:
#5 Onyx Boox
#4 Boyue Likebook
#3 Remarkable
#2 Supernote
#1 Sony DPT

Let us know what you guys think !


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34 Responses to Top 5 Note Taking e-Readers 2019: Ranked

  1. I hate to be that guy, but… while i enjoyed almost the entirety of this video, at the end i got a strong feeling it was sponsored by Sony 🙁

  2. Red dlL says:

    I don't get why you would buy an expensive ereader when you can buy a much cheaper tablet and a reusable notebook like NewYes or Rocketbook.
    might be around 200$ in total.
    The tablet has more functionality. It might just be a little bit more inconvenient to manually wipe and clean your notebook and buy pen refills but the lower price is worth it. At least for me.
    And don't come with "The writing in the notebook can disappear because of heat" because you can stick it in the freezer and it will come back.
    Just be careful with spilling fluids.

  3. So many negatives for the Sony device yet is was #1? Weird. I'm still planning on getting the new Remarkable 2, hopefully I can order pretty soon so I could get the August ship date.

  4. bowsermix says:

    Why are these so expensive?

  5. htc htc says:

    Can you uload PDF's to Ratta and make and save notes on PDF's? Also, can you use Ratta as live presentation drawing pad for teaching?

  6. Can we use remarkable pen on ipad???

  7. Spam Spasm says:

    Which note taking e-reader is the best bang for your buck in early 2020?

  8. Remarkable 2 : hold my beer

  9. sonu Singh says:

    how about copy nd pencil ✏️

  10. Juan Gomez says:

    Best value for the money??

  11. Review the remarkable 2

  12. Kartik M says:

    The best note-taking device is an iPad with a matte screen protector, do not disturb on and night shift enabled.

  13. When you say that a lineup is confusing, why don't you take into account that there are already a plethora of products available in that category as a whole? Isn't that confusing? This probably stems from incorrect way of browsing products that some people have. Instead of looking company by company, you should browse with a price range and then shortlist products based on the kind that you want, irrespective of which company it comes from. More choices are good for the consumer. From the company's perspective, it isn't very profitable to manufacture multiple overlapping products, but it's a good idea to have properly spaced out products at different price points, so, if a company does offer overlapping products, you should take advantage of it, instead of cursing them for confusing you.

  14. Worst review I've seen. Thanks for nothing.

  15. Amigo says:

    Wish you would have given the cost of each reviewed product

  16. I will disagree . Remarkable is the best as far as writing and note taking is concerned .

  17. Where’s number one ?????? You forgot?!!!!!

  18. Ofri Hemo says:

    can you write in color in any of those?

  19. Jab says:

    Hi, please with ONYX BOOX can I send the handwritten to text document to my computer for further editing. I usually jot down before typing to avoid plagiarism, so it is double work for me. I am looking for someone that can save time for me. Thanks.

  20. As I'm watching this video, I am thinking "I have no possible reason to take notes for anything…… I need this."

  21. Pruce commmparison would be appreciated

  22. Darlene P says:

    Can you please tell me what device is best for reading Kindle books and taking notes? Thank you!!

  23. japzone says:

    Why the heck did you group all the Onyx Boox devices together? Sure them having a lot of devices is confusing, but that's why your video should've pointed out their best one. You didn't even mention the names of the models you showed.

  24. dGladiator says:

    Are these any good for consecutive interpreting? I'm tired of wasting paper

  25. note to self: might stick to paper for a bit longer

  26. okay -_- says:

    Is there an e-ink drawing tablet?

  27. rt rt says:

    Does any of these devices support one note? If not is there any other app that might be good synchronizing all my hand notes instantaneously into a cloud like one note does. I wanna continue editing in my ipad.

  28. David says:

    According to this review, a paper note pad would come first place.

  29. How about the Mobiscribe?

  30. samtico says:

    Idk about you but it seems rather disingenuous, if not a conflict of interest, for them to give SuperNote such a high ranking when they seem to be the main sellers of it. I went to supernote’s website and when I tried to buy it, it just took me to GoodEReader 😑

  31. Top 5 Ereaders or… one that “feels” most like paper for $600?

  32. A M says:

    Wannna know what feels most like paper? Paper!

  33. MR Dot1 says:

    the Ratta Supernote is $570-$600 a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 2019 is $640… back in the day we where told, E-ink was supposed to become way cheaper then traditional devices.. and will replace school books and with the write versions also the school booklets to write in.. one of the first e-ink readers was the Amazon Kindle in 2007.. its 13 years later, and a 10 inch device with a pen costs not much cheaper (depends where you get it from) as the latest 6GB RAM/128GB 1600 x 2560 Super AMOLED, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Snapdragon 855 Soc… Its absurd…

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