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Videos Top 5 Portable Hacking Device | Cheap Hacking Tools & Device under $20

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Top 5 Portable Hacking Device | Cheap Hacking Tools & Device under $20

Top 5 Portable Hacking Device | Cheap Hacking Device under $20
Top 5 portable hacking device For Penetration Testing & Ethical hacking
If you are a ethical hacker and like to more secure our cyber world and cyber security you should use this top 5 hacking device and
need to know how this hacking device works and use.

Hello Guyz!
Today in this video i’m gonna talk about Top 5 Hacking Device for Every Penetration Tester or Ethical Hacker,
Those portable hacking device are very cheap in price under $20-$30 USD should use for hacking.
Remeber this this video is only for educational purpose.U should not use those device for any illegal purpose.You can use this device on your system or
others system which you have permission to do so to make system more secure.



I think you all know about usb rubber ducky.Bad USB is kind of that think.But in cheap price.It’s also known as HID = Human Interface Device Attack.
Basically bad usb works like a autorun script.When you insert any bad usb in a system it’s automatically run the script which is programmmed on it.
Bad usb is created with ardiono bords.It’s look like a usb flash drive.There is some usb flash drive which can modified into BADUSB.
In usb rubber ducky u can wirte script with a simple notepad but like this cheap badusb u have to programm in ardiono and upload it in ur bad usb.
Do not get afraid about ardiono programming there is a script which can covert any usb rubber ducky script to a ardiono prograam using Dackiono.
In my upcoming video i will show you how can you do that.


Cactus USB is nothing but USB Rubber ducky or BAD USB in wifi Network.It’s also known as WHID = Wifi Human Interface Device Attack.
Basically Cactus works like BADUSB but over wifi network.When u thinking HID attack remotely it’s cactus WHID for you there.
You can run script or payload into system with Cactus WHID attack remotely.In my upcoming videos of whid attack i will show you how to use this device.


It’s a ardiono board which can use for wifi jamming and deauth any wifi connection.With some ardiono programming you can make this simple ardiono board
to do some usefull works about wifi penetaration testing to chechk your wifi security and make it secure.In upcoming videos i will show you how to use it


It’s name decribe it’s self it’s use for purify air while you are working on your pc and laptop.
But with a simple modification of a connection and wire it can be changed into a USB killer.This usb purifier have all things what a usb killer have on
You may have a question what is usb killer? in a simple setence” USB Killer is a device which prevent your system to turn ON by transmitting HIGH voltage
in to system.


We all know that why we use antenna.To get proper connection of any signals or sending signals.Basically yegai antenna use for geting or sending
high range of wifi signals.For wifi penetration testing it’s a very usefull has 2.4 G harz band to getting strong signals.
That’s it.

In my Upcoming videos I’m gonna show you how to use all of this device.
I got all this device form
Hack Tools Store :
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Thanks for your wtaching

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  24. I have the same 16 dB antenna and it isn't more powerful than a cantenna. It is just a little better than Chinese 5dB radial antenna.

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