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News trends of growth of the industry

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trends of growth of the industry

Virtual private
networks (VPNs) are continuing to become a significant part of the internet
activity of a growing number of people online.

They have become
the go-to solution for people who need a higher degree of security and privacy,
and their use will continue to allow people to enjoy individual liberties that
they expect online.

It is no doubt
that VPN use will continue to grow, and in this short brief, trends in the
industry are examined.

Proprietary VPNs Services from Online Services

Online tech
companies and digital giants recognize the power of VPNs in providing better
services for their stakeholders, and they have also started to invest in proprietary VPN software.

There is a chunk
of online users who need to obfuscate their geographical location due to
government limitations on their movements on the internet, and there is also a
growing number of people who are incredibly concerned about their security and
privacy online.

By offering
in-house VPN services, this massive market share will not have to engage in the
services of VPN providers for a few sites that they utilize. This allows a
quick fix for a lot of people.

Online services
that want to be at the forefront of innovation understand they need to be able
to satisfy the needs of their users, and as such, have been looking into
solutions for their needs.

Even Facebook was
looking into a proprietary VPN service for its services to provide to its

When proprietary
VPN services come up, it will mean better functionality for a lot of people
since there is an automatic protocol being implemented to maximize privacy and

Consumer Protection

There are a lot of
threats in privacy that have to be addressed. Some governments have mandated
censorship, and having a device that there always connected requires the need
for protection to be adopted.

There are services
such as
who are trying to address these problems.

A lot is at stake
with a digitalized future, and a part of this is personal data. This is the
reason many people are going with a VPN to secure the information that they are
transmitting online.

Threats from
unscrupulous individuals have created the need and the sense of urgency in the
protection of the technological systems that consumers are using today.

VPNs might not
offer a full-proof solution due to their nature, but it does add a level of
security that allows people to protect their devices from attack. It is not a
guarantee of safety against attacks such as MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks,
but its use should help increase security on a multitude of levels.

There are still some VPNs out there that seem to be
vulnerable to attack.

The Need for Automation

Most virtual
private networks work by a client making the conscious decision to turn it on
when they are accessing the internet. However, there is more that needs to be

There is a shift
in focus to making things more automated for the user. This means that a VPN
protocol will automatically be turned on for devices one an internet connection
is detected. This also translates to the protection that is less reliant on the
user and more on the protocols that the service provides.

IoT devices will soon require VPN frameworks
since many of the tools that people rely on today are all connected to a network
to function optimally.

Commercial VPN Solutions

significant boost in the VPN market is large corporations and businesses moving their data to the cloud. This creates a need
for secure connections to be made since this data can be considered sensitive
and integral to the proper functioning of their enterprise.

This has led to a
lot of these companies to look for enterprise-grade solutions from VPN
providers in order to make sure that their data is secure in transit and their
privacy is protected.

Companies need
secure data connections and hosting, and it seems as VPN companies will be able
to provide the boost that they need.


The 21st century
has been one of the most critical periods of massive development in technology
and as such, created a world where everyone is connected. Still, as people experience
the convenience of a digital future, problems have also risen.

As people become
more concerned about their privacy, experience more significant needs for
security, and as some governments continue to censor, the growth of security
platforms such as VPN should be expected to rise in the same way.

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