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Twitter hacker’s bond hearing “hacked” by Zoombombers / Boing Boing

The Zoom bond hearing for Graham Clark, 17, who is accused of hijacking famous people’s Twitter accounts in a cryptocurrency scam, was interrupted this morning by Zoombombers “shouting racial slurs, playing music and showing pornographic images,” according to ABC News.

“How the judge in charge of the proceeding didn’t think to enable settings that would prevent people from taking over the screen is beyond me,” tweeted infosec journalist Brian Krebs.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Hoping a brief pause would filter out the interrupters, Nash reopened the meeting. But users who disguised their names as CNN and BBC News resumed their interruptions.

Nash was ultimately able to rule, declining to lower the bail amount [of $725,000]. He did, however, remove a requirement that Clark prove the legitimacy of his assets. Lawyers have said he has $3 million in Bitcoin under his control.

(Thanks to our Florida bureau chief, Charles Pescovitz!)

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