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Videos Understanding the Forensic Science in Digital Forensics

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Understanding the Forensic Science in Digital Forensics


When most people think about digital forensics they envisage the type of world portrayed by shows like CSI Cyber, but the reality is very different. While these shows do not always accurately depict digital forensics, they have at least increased the interest in forensic science. In this webcast we will explore the various forensic science principles that underpin the practice of digital forensics, and how to use these principles to find and better present digital evidence in your investigations, so you can answer the questions you need answers to more accurately. To illustrate these principles, we will show how the FOR500 Windows Forenisic Analysis course contents leverages of them to allow us to reconstruct activity on Windows computer systems.
For more information about the FOR500: Windows Forensic Analysis course visit: http//www.sans.org/FOR500

Speaker Bio
Jason Jordaan

Jason is passionate forensicator, who has been practicing digital forensics since 1998 in both the law enforcement and private sectors. He has testified on several occasion in the South African High Court as an expert witness. He is the founder and managing director of DFIRLABS, an independent, private digital forensics and incident response laboratory. Jason has also been involved in training, lecturing, and mentoring in the field of digital forensics since 2010. Besides his training for SANS, he currently teaches the digital forensics and incident response class at Rhodes University in South Africa for their Masters Degree in Information Security. He is also an active researcher and writer and has been published in several textbooks and academic journals.

Prior to founding DFIRLABS, Jason was the national head of the Cyber Forensic Laboratory of the Special Investigating Unit in South Africa, which was an elite law enforcement agency with jurisdiction into white collar crimes involving government institutions, which included cyber crime targeting them.

He remains very active in the law enforcement community through the mentoring of law enforcement officials around the globe as part of IACIS, and has mentored law enforcement officers in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Finland.

Jason has a Masters degree in Computer Science (Cum Laude), a Masters degree in Forensic Investigation, an Honors degree in Information Systems, a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Computer Science, and a Bachelors degree in Policing. He holds the CFCE, GCFE, and CFE certifications

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