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Published on February 3rd, 2021 📆 | 5774 Views ⚑


Unlocking iPhone is finally easier with the new 14.5 iOS update

The past year meant a lot of trouble with masks dangling around the face for protection. They became such an inseparable accessory while stepping out and commuting to work, stores or supply runs. Apple seems to make effortless solutions that only stay effortless because they compel their users to appreciate them. Face ID is a great concept, I love it and would even recommend it in devices like the Apple iPhones. What I don’t like the fact is that Apple introduces anew feature by completely obliterating the older one. The fingerprint sensor was scrapped from the iPhones a few years back and the Face ID took its place.


It is all good until you realize that if half of your face is covered, no matter what the lighting conditions are, it won’t work. Now comes the most exasperating aspect of relying only on the face ID. Since you won’t be recognized as a match for the uploaded photo, you have to manually enter a passcode, pin to unlock the device. Apple, to this date, does not intend to bring back fingerprint sensors. I’m okay with the decision to scrapping the physical fingerprint sensors as they take up a lot of space but at least replace them with optical in-display fingerprint sensors. While other flagships from Samsung, Xiaomi, One Plus, etc continue to feature both of them, Apple iPhones come only with Face ID.

Apple now has released a feature in the new iOS 14.5 update that leverages the Apple ecosystem to unlock the phone. It makes use of the apple watch to unlock the iPhone via a few software tweaks. The update is still in the beta phase so a few features might be a little twitchy, but you can at least unlock your iPhone without typing complex passwords. The new setting for mask face unlock can be enabled by navigating to the face ID & Passcode section in the settings app and then enabling the toggle titled “Unlock with Apple watch”. The Apple watch also needs to be updated to the latest watchOS 7.4 to make use of the feature. Now try to unlock your phone using the face ID and you’ll immediately notice the dash unlock that was earlier associated with the face ID. The unlocking of the phone triggers a tiny vibration on your wrists, that emanates from the Apple watch. It can be used to lock your phone if you lose it someplace and are currently pursuing it.


The feature is not new, as Apple watch facilities unlocking your MacBook for a long time now. The only flaw that I find in this feature is the heavy reliance on Apple ecosystem hardware. Why couldn’t be it a Fitbit or another smartwatch? My why’s go in vain as Apple continues to raise a wall between its devices and other brand products. The watch can only unlock the phone and more optimizations like support for Apple pay and other features are destined to come in the future. It would have been a swanky feature if I could just confirm payment without using my phone and then entering in another set of passwords. If you don’t have an apple watch you can buy one and support the Black History Month movement.

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