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Published on February 26th, 2021 📆 | 4373 Views ⚑


Useful Movie add-ons that are compatible with Kodi 19

With the launch of Kodi 19, the add-ons are very limited in number. Due to this, enjoying content, especially visual content on Kodi media player is not the same. After the release, a few major add-ons in the movie genre are both added and updated to facilitate the visual content available on the Kodi media player. It is no longer a source of illegal add-ons that grab copyright content without permission. Kodi media player transforms your bleak T.V. or mobile interface into a recreational center of licensed entertainment.


I have searched and installed a few add-ons that are now available for the Kodi media player version 19 and run without any problems. It is imperative to note that the add-ons mentioned in the post are all paid services, and will require a new or an existing subscription to stream content to Kodi media player.

  • Netflix
    Netflix is now supported on Kodi media player version 19 and below, although I tried it with version 19 and 18.3 and the experience is pretty good. The Netflix add-on is available on GitHub and can be installed easily. Once you login to your Netflix account, you can stream your existing content, which includes movies, TV shows, and Netflix Originals. Netflix isn’t free and streaming will require an existing subscription. The add-on supports multiple accounts and even comes with pre-constructed categories, which are the courtesy of the developer.
  • YouTube
    Ah! How can I leave the most important add-on of them all? YouTube is the most overwhelming repository of visual content on the planet that is not just confined to studio-produced movies and TV shows. You can watch your favorite YouTubers and their uploads in solace and from your couch. The YouTube add-on is available for the Kodi media player for a long time and is even supported by the new version 19. It works flawlessly without any UI bugs, abrupt crashes and streams the content in FHD resolution with ease. YouTube is free to watch website, so there is nothing sketchy about the add-on or the content that you may watch on it. YouTube also has a premium tier that costs extra but will deliver the ultimate ad-free experience.
  • Pluto.TV
    Tired of consuming content from YouTube and Netflix and want to switch to something rudimentary? Well, Pluto.TV offers exactly that and with no cost associated with the service. The add-on can be installed from GitHub following a few steps and it’s ready to stream your favorite TV channels free of cost. Pluto.TV is an excellent option for users that want to get rid of the annoying cable service providers and watch TV using the internet connection at their home. You will also save a few bucks in the process as the service is absolutely free to watch. The on-demand content library is not overwhelming but has quite a few interesting titles to choose from. Considering the free-to-use license, Pluto.TV bundles advertisements with each channel in order to generate some revenue side by side. The add-on works buttery smooth, has an intuitive interface, and responds like a cable TV.
  • Films for Action
    Not like your typical streaming service such as Netflix, but slightly more nuanced than that. The add-on provides access to a repository of over 4000 indie movies and documentaries, which are certainly not for a typical movie buff. Regardless, it is a free source to watch unorthodox cinema that is not confined to the glimmer and shimmer of Hollywood titles. Films for Action covers a vast number of genres and houses cinema that is in line with the actual human issues such as poverty, grief, politics, drama, and much more. The library has abundant titles that will last you months before you finish watching even one-fifth of the available titles. Films for Action is also compatible with Kodi 19 di there is no reason why the add-on isn’t on your list.
  • Crackle
    Crackle is a licensed venture now owned by Sony that delivers free movies to your TV screens. Enjoying old movies on your television is made possible by the Crackle add-on for Kodi media players. It is absolutely free and after the recent acquisition by Sony, server availability has drastically improved on Crackle. One thing that might trouble you is the broken movie links that exist on the platform. Sony has started adding movies to Crackle, the old ones of course, but you can watch popular flicks like Zodiac, 13 Ghosts, and many more. The add-on is a little flimsy to use but still delivers quality entertainment at no additional cost. It has begun adding TV shows to the collection too, but major of them are sports ones.
  • Popcornflix
    Popcornflix like Netflix but free. It has been in existence for more than a decade now and the add-on works flawlessly with most of the Kodi releases, especially with versions 18.3 and 19. You get loads of TV shows including the famous Kitchen Nightmare series featuring the furious Gordon Ramsay. It has no shortage of content to watch but is slightly more inclined towards advertisements. The add-on works without error but I wish the interface could be improved a little bit more.



These were just a handful of the free movie add-ons that are compatible with the Kodi version 19 at the moment. The list will grow exponentially in the coming weeks so stay tuned for updates on the movie add-ons.

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