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Vetology’s Leading AI Technology for Veterinary Radiograph Interpretations is Eligible for Pet Insurance Coverage

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The field of veterinary artificial intelligence (AI) technology is growing rapidly, and pet insurance companies are taking notice and expanding coverage. One of those insurance companies — Embrace Pet Insurance — will cover the use of AI technology for diagnosing covered conditions in animals.

“This a vital step in acceptance by insurance companies in both animal and human medicine alike,” said Eric Goldman, President of Vetology AI, a leading provider of AI teleradiology technology for the veterinary industry. “It is only a matter of time to see how the Vetology AI continues to evolve and improve pet care.”

For the last several years, AI has been a hot topic in medicine and technology as it helped streamline efficiency and gain accuracy. AI is concerned with the development of smart machines or programs that are capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence.

To stay current with advancing technologies and trends in veterinary medicine, many pet insurance companies, like Embrace, are learning more about what AI teleradiology can do for diagnostics. Embrace covers the technology as part of the diagnosis of covered conditions, but pet owners should refer to their pet insurance provider’s terms and conditions to confirm that this diagnostic reporting is covered under their accident and illness policies.

Vetology is the first to use AI as well as machine learning for reading radiographs. The technology allows veterinary practices the ability to receive clinical findings and recommendations in a matter of minutes, rather than spending hours or days while radiographs are sent out to third parties for report generation.

For improving veterinary teleradiology’s long-term availability and affordability for all practices, Vetology’s AI targets four main areas. These include technology, service, expertise to add clinical value to services provided, and stability for a portion of the teleradiology markets in terms of turnaround time and price.

Vetology and its parent company, the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego, is a worldwide teleradiology service provider that was established in 2010. Even with the inclusion of new technology, and AI, Vetology is an expert in traditional teleradiology. It is the second half of the AI radiologist model that Vetology offers.

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About Vetology
Vetology AI is the creator and leader of zero touch, hybrid Artificial Intelligence / Human intelligence veterinary teleradiology service called SmartAI. SmartAI is the combination of Artificial Intelligence backed by experienced, board certified veterinary radiologists. Vetology AI combines years of board certified veterinary teleradiology experience with the increased interpretation speed, accuracy and productivity AI brings to veterinary radiology. Vetology AI offers a highly cost effective AI radiograph solution that typically delivers reports back to the veterinarian in five minutes or less. The company utilizes an automatic, zero touch proprietary submission and report process that does not alter a veterinary hospital’s current radiology workflow. To learn more, contact Vetology AI for a demo or call (888) 416-2124.

About Embrace Pet Insurance
Embrace Pet Insurance, a part of NSM Insurance Group, is a top-rated pet health insurance provider for dogs and cats in the United States. Embrace offers one simple yet comprehensive accident and illness insurance plan. In addition to insurance, Embrace offers Wellness Rewards, a non-insurance, optional preventative care product that is unique to the industry. Wellness Rewards reimburses for routine veterinary visits, grooming, vaccinations, training, and much more, with no itemized limitations. Embrace is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) and continues to innovate and improve the pet insurance experience for pet parents across the country. For more information about Embrace Pet Insurance, visit or call (800) 660-3817.


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