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Published on May 29th, 2020 📆 | 3466 Views ⚑


We Bought a 'BEST FRIEND' off the Dark Web!


In this episode, Parker and Chester buy a friend online.

Parker’s instagram: @parkerhaj
Chester’s instagram: @snipertrader20

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24 Responses to We Bought a 'BEST FRIEND' off the Dark Web!

  1. I noticed the syracuse sweatshirt, i live there!

  2. No one:

    Chester: He SeEmS nIcE lEtS gEt HiM

  3. ali khan says:

    300k subs more like 1.49M

  4. Tia Hudson says:

    Y does chester always wear sunglasses? Point exactly?

  5. Why do you always wear Sun glasses

  6. Sara Krell says:

    Parker:tells jimmy to leave now then says he is not asking anymore

    Even though he isn’t asking

    Also Parker: please get out

    Isn’t that a question?

  7. Momo YT says:

    بسيكو 😳😳😳

  8. Everybody gangsta till jimmy start sagging

  9. I feel bad for him 🙁

  10. Am I the only one who felt bad for jimmy? :c

  11. Sponsored by supercam

  12. Man why does Chester always eat or drink the bad stuff?

  13. Please sub tittle indonesia

  14. Your video its soo amazing, hello im from indonesian

  15. Hallo may name dinda indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  16. Asya Dhel says:

    Indo ngumpul gak perlu like masuk aja ke coment

  17. Your could see his butt crack

  18. They recorded at the time he knocked 🤣🤣 very convincing

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