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Videos Web App Testing: Ep 5: SQL Injections and Live Bug Bounty Hunting

Published on October 3rd, 2019 📆 | 6681 Views ⚑


Web App Testing: Ep 5: SQL Injections and Live Bug Bounty Hunting

In this video, we discuss cover deeper SQL injections, hold a giveaway, and take on some live bug bounty hunting.

0:00 – Welcome
3:39 – Introduction / Overview of Week 5
11:17 – SQL Injection refresher
14:11 – SQL Injection attack #1
26:10 – SQL Injection attack #2 (using UNIONs)
33:47 – sqlmap vs Burp Active vs manual
36:55 – SQL Injection attack #3 – the importance of sleep
40:05 – Other challenges & Easter eggs
51:53 – Giveaway
1:03:55 – Start of live bug bounty enumeration
1:07:14 – Finding subdomains with sublist3r and crt.sh
1:14:30 – Extracting data from crt.sh
1:22:06 – For loop to test if site is up
1:24:20 – Using eyewitness to screenshot hosts
1:33:10 – Manual enumeration
1:46:03 – Begin AMA

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