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Published on August 2nd, 2019 📆 | 2446 Views ⚑


What is Carding? Credit Card Fraud? (GIVEAWAY METHOD)

Hey guys! In this video, I will be telling you what is carding and credit card fraud and also if you want to do it I will be giving away a METHOD FILE to a winner who does the instructions and I will pick a winner in the comments so yeah join it if you want the method! by the way this is EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY so yeah!

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I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the video.
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34 Responses to What is Carding? Credit Card Fraud? (GIVEAWAY METHOD)

  1. I really want to learn this method because i want to buy some parts for my project and now I don’t have enough money for this this video is awesome I personally love this i hope u will understand my situation

  2. y d says:

    this was so difficult to listen to, you were so nervous and at 1:17 you clearly panicked and tried to make a funny. you remind of that one bullied kid in school.

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  7. Because i don't have good mobile phone ………..that is the reason to learn carding and buy only one smartphone for free please bro tell me how to get free mobile phone on flipkark please brother help me

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  10. PUBG TECH says:

    I want to know because I rip many times by fake carders

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    Icq @token HMU if you need high quality bins and cc’s

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  14. dxvth kvlt says:

    i need this method to start moving work yfm

  15. i love the way you open and cover your words nice clue need to talk with you …….greetings from italy Milan

  16. you are just wasting time .. Add more value

  17. kyle louw says:

    Wanna make some revenge bands

  18. kyle louw says:

    hook me up with the method mann😪😪😪

  19. newbie methods going for $10, be cash app ready! shit won't make u rich
    overnight but if u a newbie to the game they'll get u on track to make
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  20. newbie methods going for $10, be cash app ready! shit won't make u rich
    overnight but if u a newbie to the game they'll get u on track to make
    some quick cash so u can reinvest to hit big $$$ …… Telegram

  21. $50 fraud bible tap in 💯💪🏿

  22. Good vid . What’s the full method

  23. I want to get a luh money I down bad rite now

  24. Nicer video💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  25. Minka says:

    Honestly ,i want the carding method cause i really could use a way to earn some extra money.
    My mom can barely pay the rent ,and i have to work at a lot of dumb jobs to earn such a small amount of money. And if i learned do to carding i wouldn't really have to do any of that bullshit ,i could help my mother out ,and i could really be living my best.
    Glad i found you on some dumb Discord server xd

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