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Published on March 4th, 2021 📆 | 2036 Views ⚑


WhatsApp Web now supports video and audio calling

If you think that the WhatsApp web is incomplete without audio and video calls, you are not alone. I find it infuriating to not be able to use my Logitech webcam to its fullest potential, just because Whatsapp web doesn’t support video calls. You may say why not use Skype or Zoom? My simple answer is that they consume too much bandwidth, have an almost similar quality, and are a pain to use. All the major conversation now happens over WhatsApp. You can converse with the contacts by message, call, or video. No need to ask them to come over to Skype for the same.


WhatsApp introduced the feature by labeling it as a much-needed feature and I cannot agree more. It recorded a whopping 1.4 billion voice and video calls on new year’s Eve and marks it as the compelling point to introduce the feature. The video and voice call feature is now available to the desktop version of WhatsApp and offers the same experience as you would have on a mobile device. The audio experience requires a pair of earphones and a microphone because the internal mic of the laptop is inferior in sound capture. I had no problem with the video, while audio was an issue best tackled by headphones. If you have a robust WiFi connection, the video quality is surreal. It is fun to experience video calls on a large screen on the most widely used messaging platform.

The feature is rolled out only to the desktop application of WhatsApp at the moment. Whatsapp web or the in-browser application does not support the feature at the moment. There is no mention of the feature rolling out to the web version in the future. WhatsApp assures that the voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted, regardless of whatever platform you use. WhatsApp cannot listen or interception any user to user communication that is end-to-end encrypted. This has become a prominent line with each WhatsApp statement, mainly due to their recent privacy policy update that has infuriated users across the globe.


The WhatsApp desktop application supports one-to-one voice and video calls and the moment. The support for group video and audio calls is on the way and is expected to arrive somewhere in the next month. WhatsApp has been pretty consistent this year by rolling out major updates each month. The disappearing messages are now available for users and group administrators and help to keep the clutter at bay. The feature is similar to Telegram’s version of self-destructing messages that vanish after seven days.

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